We at Goldfire Media have in the past written about Everyday Feminism,  a feminist website popular among social justice warriors and mentally ill people to express their views. (mostly they overlap). But recently Everyday Feminism has started its own online courses to spread its virus views online. Called The School for Social Justice, they offer online class on multiple subjects and imagined oppression.



One look at the courses they offer online is enough for us to gauge the depth to which the average social justice warrior has sunk in their own imaginary bubble of utopia and madness. Keeping the reader’s mental health in mind as well as my own we have just tried to show you few glimpses in the courses offered in this bastion of social justice.



Healing from Internalized Whiteness!


Taught by the founder of Everyday Feminism, Sandra Kim, herself (who isn’t white) this course is apparently for white people to come to grips with their inner “Whiteness” and “White Privilege”. Because as she writes: “Privilege means that you don’t know what you don’t know.Very Impressive isn’t it? And maintaining her penchant for making absolutely no sense, she further explains that: People often don’t realize everyone (both white people and People of Color!) has internalized white supremacy to a certain degree — because it’s the air we breathe. That’s right. White Supremacy is in the air this Christmas season. She asks some profound questions that every white person should ask themselves like :

How can I make sure I don’t accidentally say something racist – when I don’t know what’s racist and what’s not?
How can I know what to do without burdening a person of color to educate me – but still somehow follow their leadership?
How do I know when speaking up against racism ends up speaking over people of color?
What do I do when I realize I’ve been unconsciously stereotyping and judging people of color?
What do I do with my guilt around having white privilege?


She finishes off saying that white people need to heal from their “unconscious attachment to whiteness” and her hope that white people can “can reconnect to your humanity outside of whiteness and co-create an anti-oppressive community of care and consent around yourself.”

This is followed by some of the “testimonials” from people who took the course all claiming they were freed of the deadly disease called “Whiteness”.

The Body Love Course


Taught by “acclaimed author” and “Fat Studies Scholar”, Virgie Tovar, this course will teach you how to “radical new relationship with your body so you can stop waiting and start living”. Maybe for the next 4 or 5 years, because this course is aimed mostly at morbidly obese people with a body fat percentage of above 40% looking to justify their bodies and protect themselves from harsh glare of fat phobic society. The teacher should know all about it because she is one of the “victims”.


For who can criticise such an elegant and gorgeous whalewoman. She was previously the author of the great academic & literary masterpiece You Have The Right To Remain Fat and has previously taught Female Sexuality at University of California at Berkeley (Of course). Some of the testimonials for her book are equally crazy. One writes : she shares every bit of her humanity, right down to her feelings about her own nipple color, without missing a beat on sharp critiques of the systems that oppress her. Her clear descriptions of anti-fat bias and the social construction that is “diet culture,” make it difficult to disagree with her main point: you are not the problem, society is the problem”. Because in a world where the leading cause of death is heart disease fat people need to feel good about their bodies. We know its dangerous but hey! You gotta eat cake!

“Ethical” Non-Monogamy 101


This course is specially designed for SJW couples and other healthy families looking to take part in “ethical” polygamy to “heal” their relationships through this course. Most of the details for this course are murky and filled with words like “intersectional non-monogamy” and “compassion and equality” among others. The teacher of this course is TraciMedeiros-Bagan who uses the pronouns She/They and is “atherapist and life coach with a sliding scale practice in Orange County, CA, working largely with LGBTQ Folks, Kink-Identified Individuals, Ethically Non-Monogamous Couples and Families, and Sex Worker and Adult Industry Communities. Committed to embodied feminist healing, they often speak and write on the intersections of identity, shame, social stigma, inclusive sex positivity and radical self-care.”  That makes perfect sense because the only thing you need when your relationships are in trouble are Transsexual Kinky Life Coaches and a new excuse to cheat. Right?


Astrology/Tarot Cards

To give a perfect example on what type of  people take these courses and also as an insight to what these people actually believe in, the website also provides courses in Astrology and Tarot Cards with tags like “Unlock your Inner Magic” and “ Know your Natal Chart”. Taught by professional healers and stand up comedians this course give you intimate details of your life based on the movement of planets like how “ Digging into your natal horoscope (a two-dimensional map of the sky at the moment of your birth) can both affirm what you’ve always known about yourself and reveal aspects of your personality that remain a mystery.Yes, the reason why your life sucks is because Venus had a bad day when you were born and now this course is going to correct that. With our own charts in hand, we’ll move them through the signs and discover what these planets want us to do to take care of ourselves in the deepest, most fulfilling ways!” The Planets always want us to take care of ourselves right? Isn’t that why they are there for?

These are just a few of the online courses offered by them that we chose to highlight. There are other courses titled “ Practical Decolonization” , “ Feminist Parenting during Trump Era” & “ Surviving Capitalism” among other gems. All for the prices starting from 35$ to 300$. We honestly don’t know whether they just offer these courses for the money or if they truly believe in them. Whatever the reason the SJW rabbit hole goes far deeper than what we initially thought. Instead of bringing people together, these course divide people indoctrinating in them a deep seated hatred for any opposing views and facts and only nurtures the bubble these people already live in.

By Asish Samson