President Trump met with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, of the Democratic party, on December 11, in front of the press. The meeting was to be on border security, but like always, the Dems descended into subtle mudslinging and victimization, when they didn’t get what they wanted. Here are some important characteristic takeaways from that meeting:


One of the first statements Nancy makes is, “We’re here to have a conversation in a prayerful way, so I don’t think we should have the debate in front of the press.”


She seemed noticeably uncomfortable to speak in front of the press. Nancy said again, soon after that statement, in a response to Trump explaining that the government shutdown would not pass in the senate, “Again, let us have our conversation, then meet with the press again.”


Later in the meeting she suggested that her loss for reason and logic were due to “this kind of discussion in the public view.”


“It’s called transparency.” Trump was fed up with her excuses and avoidance to talk about the issues at hand.


Nancy again redirected, “It’s not transparency when we’re not stipulating to a set of facts, and when we wanted to have a debate with you about confronting these facts.”


No Nancy, that’s still transparency. Americans LOVE Trump because he is so transparent. Transparency breeds trust, so it’s no wonder the majority of Americans do not trust politicians or the government. The only people who fear transparency, have something to hide.


Moving on, I do not want to quote the entire video, so here it is below:


Pelosi virtue signals early on, multiple times, that they are there because the dems care for the American people. If they really did care, they wouldn’t mind transparency.


Nancy plays the victim when Trump calls her out for having a hard time to speak in front of the press. She tells Trump to not characterize the strength that she brings to this meeting; or in other words, Trump offended her and she took the opportunity to let Americans know.


She also tries to shift the attention multiple times by putting the blame on Trump for the conversation which has “spiraled downward.” Nancy states that the economy is in a mood and people are losing their jobs, while Trump corrects her immediately by saying, “Well we have the lowest unemployment in 50 years so….”