New York City residents now have an option indicating gender on their birth certificates: gender “X”.

Yet another law has been put into place highly favored by Democrats. On Tuesday, January 1 Category “X” is now a third option to choose from on birth certificates for those choosing to not Identify as male or female.

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the measure into law on Tuesday, changing history. “To all trans and non-binary New Yorkers: We see you, hear you and respect you. Starting in 2019, all New Yorkers will be able to change their gender on their birth certificate to M, F or X — without a doctor’s note,” the mayor’s office tweeted.

Parents can now opt for  “X” for their newborns. New Yorkers can now change their gender to “X” by claiming that it represents their “true gender identity”. It will give the ability to those who wish to change their gender at any time with no need to provide a doctor’s note or affidavit from a healthcare professional.

Gender-neutral identifiers are not available state-wide yet. New York City is now joining California, Oregon, Washington State in allowing an undesignated gender option to be assigned on birth certificates. New Jersey will provide residents with the same law starting February.

Corey Johnson, Speaker of the New York City Council added:

You don’t need a doctor to tell you who you are and you shouldn’t need a doctor to change your birth certificate to reflect your true self. This groundbreaking legislation will make New York birth certificates more inclusive for all and will send a powerful signal to the world that New York City government works for everyone. Now more than ever, it’s important for us as elected officials to show our constituents that we see them, we have their backs, and we respect them for who they are. I want to thank my Council colleagues for their support and to the de Blasio Administration for their continued commitment to making this a New York City for all.

There is no doubt many states will follow through in the lead of New York City, a significant city that is looked up to in expressing individuality.

Dana Homsi