It is anyone’s guess that Facebook doesn’t like our website very much. But why is there such harsh censorship over a website of our size?

Facebook has altered their algorithms to not include posts by Goldfire Media on our followers’ timelines. On a post made a few days back, a recent article took 11 hours to reach 1/12000th of our audience. The page had not been unpublished during this time.

Call this a sales technique for Facebook – forcing us to pay Facebook to advertise our page – or call it censorship over predominantly right wing pages.

Reports have come in that links from are being censored on Facebook altogether. The reader may receive a warning that they are about to enter a ‘spam’ site.

Founder of Goldfire Media, Damien Taylor, was banned for ‘nudity’ in a recent post. The meme was mocking the bad pickup lines of an Indian through Facebook Messenger – where Taylor captioned ‘Bobs and vagana’. The Facebook community standards were not broken, especially not on the grounds of nudity. No nudes or revealing photos were posted by Mr Taylor.

No appeal could be sent and Mr Taylor is now serving a 30 day ban. The ban will be present on the day of the local UK elections in May, where the 19 year old openly-bisexual Ukipper and political commentator is cast away from his political following on both his personal account and Goldfire Media. Mr Taylor had been campaigning for and promoting UKIP candidates in the upcoming local elections.

By Harry Goldsmith