Protests regarding law that protects Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu from prosecution for corruption

By Penny Hoffmann

Outside a Tel Aviv museum, a pro-democracy protest was held by Israeli opposition leaders.

This protest opposed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent re-election for his fifth term and reportedly accused him of desiring to implement legislation that protects him from prosecution for corruption.

Opposition parties stated that Netanyahu can not continue to be Israel’s prime minister if he is charged for fraud and bribery after he received allegations of corruption.

According to NBC News, on the 28th of February 2019, Netanyahu rejected allegations of corruption:

“The left applied bullish pressure, relentless, i would even say inhuman, on the attorney general in order to make him say that he is considering indicting me pending a hearing even though it’s clear there is nothing, in order to influence the elections, even though he knows this house of cards will collapse after the elections.

“Since the attorney general is just a human, the pressure of the left worked.

“I tell you the citizens of Israel, this house of cards will collapse.

“I am absolutely certain. I am certain of it 4,000 percent.

“I plan on serving you and the state as prime minister for many years.”

According to RT, “He stands accused of possible crimes against humanity because a UN independent commission has ruled that his UK armed soldiers used live ammunition to fire on 6,000 unarmed protesters without justification”.

In the UN commission of inquiry into 2018 protests, Chair Santiago Canton stated that “the commission has found reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli Security Forces committed serious violations of human rights of international humanitarian law.”

Netanyahu’s corruption allegations include:

Case 1000 Indictment

Netanyahu was accused of receiving nearly $200,000 worth of gifts, reportedly mainly boxes of cigars for “his personal use”, from wealthy businessmen in exchange for favors.

He also reportedly received bottles of champagne for his wife.

Two of these businessmen include owner of Consolidated Press Holdings Limited Australian James Packer and Israeli film producer Arnon Milchan.

Case 2000 Indictment

Netanyahu was accused of conspiring to get more news coverage in his favor by collaborating with Arnon “Noni” Mozes, the publisher of the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, in exchange for weaker legislation for the newspaper to beat a competing newspaper.

Attorney general Avichai Mandelblit stated the following, according to i24NEWS English:

“Even though you did not request and did not accept the proposal, you did not reject Moses’ proposal, but you continued to lead the matter, promoting the legislation, including ideas you raised during the election period, even though you did not intend to advance the legislation.”

Case 4000 Indictment

Case 4000 is another indictment that regards Netanyahu desiring more media coverage that is in his favor.

It is alleged that Netanyahu reportedly conspired to get “regulatory benefits for Shaul Elovich, owner of Bezeq Telecommunications Company, in exchange for favourable news coverage on his website”, according to i24NEWS English.

According to attorney general Avichai Mandelblit, “in essence, a “give and take” relationship was established between Elovich and Netanyahu:

“On the one hand, Elovich slanted the coverage in Walla to Netanyahu, in an irregular manner, so it will benefit him and companies under his control, including Bezeq, and on the other hand, Netanyahu, using his governmental and executive power in the regulatory field, to benefit Bezeq.”



Social Justice BBC: The World Cup is sexist towards women

By Nikos Tsinakis

It’s not clearly indicated whether the BBC is having a slow news day or if the British mega news conglomerate decided to go full SJW across all topics they’re covering, might as well rebrand themselves as another Buzzfeed or Vice.


The lazy, under-researched social justice-preaching article cited zero evidence to back up their claims of institutionalized gender inequality. The best BBC could come up with happens to amount to no more than sharing retweets from Buzzfeed writers. Many of the Twitter complaints include news outlets still posting articles and pictures of attractive female fans of the sport, no doubt it’s “objectifying” women… Or how about men underestimating the female interest in the sport? It’s the current year of course, liberals want to tell you women are just as capable as men at all activities, including the knowledge of this fine sport.

“Jokes mocking women football fans have been circulating, suggesting that they don’t really understand football and that they are watching the World Cup only to impress their boyfriends, to seek attention, or to check out handsome and muscular footballers.”

This term shall be known as “muh women knowing stuff”
Except, they don’t. Statistics clearly show women are nowhere near as interested in the sport of football compared to men, the numbers below is relative to BBC’s country of origin as it states British women only makes up for 7% of football-related video views on youtube, which indicates how few there are compared to the rest of the  football demographic, which an overwhelming majority exceeding 50% belongs to men aged 18-24.


Another incident these rampant third wave feminist twitter users have blown way out of proportions is the case of a Brazilian reporter who was “sexually harassed” on camera, while working, a football fan attempted to kiss her (without avail) on the cheek, before disappearing out of sight. Completely ignoring the intentions of the man, who obviously tried to prank on live television, the SJWs made this action out to be something that seems to happen all the time.

Since when did this action of an individual proves football culture is sexist? How can one man represent all football fans present at the world cup? Leftists always say the actions of the individual don’t reflect upon the rest of the demographic when it comes to a minority or immigrant commits a crime, so why act all collectivist now?