A former Liberal Democrat MP and United Nations Governor is now the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, this man is no other than Henry Bolton. When it comes to being an outsider to big government, Bolton couldn’t be more of an insider.

Bolton had worked many years working with and for the European Union in the department of security and was the former team leader of the ECBMC (Euro Commission Border Management Consultancy) which has allowed the current overwhelming rising number of migrants from terror related countries to overflow in Europe. Many of these migrant are labelled as ‘asylum seekers from Syria’ when in reality 97.8% are men aged 18-40 from the countries of Africa that are in no extreme danger at all. Bolton’s work with the EU has stretched back almost a decade and a half ago when he started in 2003 as a member of the board of security and defence.

Bolton deflects many of the UK Independence Party’s values, such as the common belief that Islam is not a religion of peace and that Radical Islam is one of the greatest threats to the United Kingdom. When over 17 million British voters voted to leave the European Union, one of the main reasons the majority voted for BREXIT was to gain control of the UK borders. This meant that the British Government could decide how many migrants to take in per annum depending on the demands from public sector. For example, if the NHS needed 6,000 nurses then it can take in 6,000 certified nurses from India or China as they statistically may be more educated than the average British born doctor. The same may happen with medical scientists so they will be given the opportunity to attempt to cure disease. Bolton does not stand by the decision for the UK to have control over who comes in due to being ‘politically correct’, potentially letting in many jihad preachers who may radicalize British born Muslims.

Bolton’s rise to power may leave the members of UKIP slightly skeptical, but the reality is that Henry Bolton is nothing more than an establishment Globalist who only has the interest of dividing and eventually destroying the Anti-European Union group that is UKIP. Is it possible that those prominent figures inside UKIP, like Anne-Marie Waters, have officially capitulated to big government establishment?

One of the seemingly good points about Henry Bolton is that he wants BREXIT to happen as soon as possible. However, all that glistens is not gold as Bolton’s interpretation of BREXIT may be very different to the kind Nigel Farage previously talked about last year. Bolton used to be a Liberal Democrat MP and a very close associate of the EU having worked in some of their most administative areas. This could compromise BREXIT altogether.

To summarise, it is very unlikely that the new UKIP leader will aim to ensure BREXIT follows through as it should under the terms that were promised by the Leave Campaign in 2016. Unless Henry Bolton has had a sudden change of heart towards the EU and is just very sensative about how people view the Middle East when it comes to Sharia Law, he is nothing more than a establishment Globalist Elite looking to divide and conquer the UK Independance party…