Stephen Paddock – the Las Vegas shooter behind one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history in the last half century has reportedly spent decades stocking up on guns and living a “under the radar life”. It seems that he may have planned other attacks, including a car bombing. This underground criminal lifestyle may explain why there are so few pictures of Paddock.

The Las Vegas shooting was obviously a very carefully planned attack, due to the shooter’s location and his awareness of the country music festival. Even though Paddock was on medication in the massacre, this cannot excuse what he did as he had planned the Las Vegas attack and many more – this was not a poor misjudgment of some kind as these were thoughtfully planned.

The motive is still unknown and the likelihood of finding one is further away than ever, due to Paddock planning completely random attacks assuming that he thought he was going to escape from the Las Vegas attack scot free. Paddock had also been holding explosives ready to use as a car bomb, this means that Paddock was not a collective killer (a theory about the concert go-ers being his target for being stereotypically conservative) but a pure maniac who wanted to kill people with no clear motive.

There are no links found to terror groups like ISIS or ANTIFA, so he may indeed be an independent inciting terror. An Australian man who claimed he has met Paddock several times in the Philippines and knew him personally said the shooter was “extremely intelligent, methodical, conservative — guarded — and strategic. A planning, thinking type of guy.”

Debunking a conspiracy that adds onto this story, Paddock was never on Facebook and there are no strong indications that he was alt left either.