Adolf Hitler’s rise has been nothing but infamous. His campaign and leadership has influenced politics for generations to come, mainly of a guideline for what not to do and how to stop another Hitler from gaining power in modern times. In this article there will be a fair analysis comparing left-wing politics (and right-wing too) with Hitler’s reign.

This article is purely to do with laying what we know about Hitler on the table. So was Hitler what you would call a leftist? Who knows? To know whether he is or not, we would have to ask him personally. Obviously we cannot ask him so we are going to lay the facts on the table.

Considering this article revolves around the question regarding Hitler’s political leaning, it only calls for a fair analogy where Hitler will be judged next to the conservative ideology as well. The mainstream media will happily tell us that Hitler was a right-wing fascist but how much of that is true? Well he certainly was a fascist as he ordered for the extermination of the Jews, so the media is correct so far. A right wing ideology upholds conservatism and tradition, such as an appreciation for 19th century architecture. Hitler did not like this and preferred if his people lived in basic accommodation with very basic architecture and would knock down traditional buildings. However the far right has taken a liking to Hitler as Hitler was racist and liked to kill ethnic groups he disagreed with. It would be fair to say that this would be happening currently if the far right had the power to do so. Is this a traditional conservative value? Of course not! Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and Martin Luther King Jr are proud conservatives and would have never have done this. The far right has strayed so far from conservatism that they have their own ideology, not only is it extreme but it’s simply non comparable with true conservative values.

So we know right now that the Nazi Party stood for “National Socialist Workers Party” but can this be compared to todays left-wing socialism? Socialism is more of an economic structure than an ideology but we are still going to compare it, as socialism had a massive emotional impact on the followers of the Nazi Party in the 1930’s. This ideology suggested that the peoples’ needs must be met before the individuals needs, Hillary Clinton was quoted saying the exact same thing last year which does suggest a similarity. Hitler once said on May 1st 1927 “We are Socialists, we are enemies of the capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with it’s unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions”. A Conservative would never say this as capitalism is the economic backbone of the right. Also Hitler banned all guns, similar to what those on the left want to do. Very few Conservatives would do so, unlike RINOs like John McCain who just want to purely obstruct Trump.

Also the media is a common factor, perhaps the strongest argument for Hitler being a leftist in this article. Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propaganda within Hitler’s Reich. He controlled all the media posts and shut down any alternative media that opposed his agenda, which was to slander the Jewish people – which eventually lead to the execution of 6 million Jews. It goes without saying that to this day the left has not proposed that we the people kill Trump supporters, Conservatives and Libertarians because of their beliefs but the media censorship is comparable. When social media executives, like Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook or Jack Dorsey from Twitter, begin to shut down accounts and pages that they disagree with (or brand alternative media as fake) then in theory they are no better than Joseph Goebbels. This isn’t just social media, this is public speaking events like the college campuses Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from speaking at. They branded Milo “alt right” just like Goebbels branded Jews as all to be rich and greedy. The American constitution states that Yiannopoulos had the right to speak, regardless of whether people agree with him or not. If Jeremy Corbyn were refused to speak at Glastonbury by right wing government, there would be outrage!

The right has censored freedom of speech before, most noticeably in the UK. When punk rock came into fashion, namely bands like the Sex Pistols and Anti-Nowhere League, Evangelical Conservatives protested it and said that it should be banned. Indeed this was a very bad judgement call from the right but although it can be compared to Goebbels censorship, media censorship is very different to outrage in the entertainment industry.

Hitler’s name is used often in politics in order to fear-monger. President Donald Trump has been compared to Hitler by the left, in retaliation to his policies like banning travel to potentially dangerous places (just like what Obama did in 2011) and wanting to build a wall across the Mexican border. Trump is also compared to as Hitler by big media publications like The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Hitler posed a very authoritarian rule, just like the political establishment today.