By Will Mannion

Only one other President had a history of media exploitation and constant shame before President Donald Trump and that was Abraham Lincoln, arguably the greatest President to have ever lived. President Lincoln was constantly brow-beaten over the form of the Republican Party and his policies just as much as President Trump has been publicly shamed by the media, Hollywood, large corporations and the political establishment. Similar to Lincolns form of the Republican Party, the new wave of libertarian-conservativism in President Trump’s tenure is just as despised as the idea of freeing slaves was in the 1860’s. President Lincoln had loyal supporters, like Trump, and won a second term. Tragically, Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre at the beginning of his second term. There are plenty of ways Trump’s presidency could come to an end and an assassination is one of them, in fact there have already been attempts on Trump’s life when he was just a candidate – one of which involved a gun. All of the past assassins were far left liberals who were radicalised by the mainstream media and Hollywood. Despite ones political views, no democratic leader deserves to die and it is important to recognise the importance of security of not only a political leaders life but the weakening effect that will have on a country.

A Presidential assassination would be the most abrupt way to end Trump’s tenure as President however there have been impeachment articles released against Trump. Various politicians like Maxine Waters and Al Green are continuously pushing for the impeachment of President Trump. However they also vow to take down Vice President Mike Pence simply because they do not agree with his views. President Trump is innocent until proven guilty when referring to the Russia collusion scandal and there has been no proof of that whatsoever.

Due to the establishment being collectively against Trump, it is possible that they could commit treason and try to impeach the President under false terms. For example, a forged scandal is no stranger to politics.

If President Trump is impeached there will be nationwide outrage, although many would celebrate the day he is removed, there would be nationwide riots and democracy as we know it would be dead.