By Asish Samson

On Dec 1st Michael Flynn appeared in federal court before Special Counsel to plead guilty to the charge of “making false, fictitious and fraudulent statements to the FBI”. On this news breaking out a few days previously many in the mainstream media and the vocal Trump critics department immediately seized onto it and started posting and publishing about it online and on live TV. One of most notable of that was Joy Behar who on the show “The View” cheered the news.

While the mainstream media and Anti-Trump supporters are claiming this as a proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia, anyone with any bit of logic or reasoning can see this as anything but.

To start of with, Flynn actually pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacting the Russians AFTER the election not before. And that too about how to eradicate ISIS in Syria. Not about Trump. Not about collusion. Not about anything before the election. If the investigation is about Trump campaign colluding with Russia BEFORE the election against Hillary Clinton then why does the fact that he( as a National Security Advisor to the incoming Trump administration) contacting Russia about a global terrorist organisation AFTER the election be considered as proof of any collusion. And Flynn is pleading guilty to a process crime. If there was any evidence of collusion he would be pleading guilty to a espionage conspiracy crime. But he hasn’t. He has no need to. Also, Trump raised many eyebrows when he previously claimed that the Obama administration had spied on him and his campaign. But, now it has become clear that indeed Obama Justice Department had indeed wiretapped Trump Campaign and his advisors. They even had a recording of his conversation with Kislyak ( Even though Flynn had no grounds to be under suspicion). So the FBI knew he had spoken to Kislyak and then interrogated him about it. In short , the FBI set him up. This clearly shows malicious intent on part of the Obama administration. This actually weakens the case against Trump and his campaign.

Compound this with the selective leaks of the FBI, Special Counsel to the Mainstream press and how the press sensationalised it as a major breakthrough and how the very same FBI chose to ignore clear cut evidence of DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign’s attempts to rig the election even though they were caught on video admitting it with their own mouths clearly shows that there is indeed a conspiracy. But, on the other side of the aisle.

It’s time to accept it. The whole Russian conspiracy angle was an angry knee jerk reaction to Trump’s victory started and kept on all these months by the mainstream media, establishment, corrupt officials and unethical politicians. And what have they been able to find out after all these months and about 5 million dollars spent? Couple of indictments unrelated to it and the fact that the Trump Russia dossier was actually funded and created by the DNC. As former Acting CIA director Michael Morell said in March of this year “ On the question of Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians here, there is smoke, but there is no fire, at all”.