By Steven E. White

The mainstream media continues to push the Russia-Trump narrative, hysterically calling Russia’s influence, in the US presidential election, an attack. Some liberal talk show hosts are calling it war and that America should “fight back.”

Bill Maher has stated, “If Russia is going to keep attacking America, then America really should fight back.” Such rhetoric is dangerous to be broadcasting Americans, especially when there is still no evidence of collusion. Bill continues, “There is an entire building in St. Petersburg, filled with a Russian Troll Army, creating thousands of tweets, memes, news site comments, and flat out fake stories; designed, not to take sides on any issue, but just to get us fighting about it.”

Even if that was true, which it has never been confirmed, would that propaganda even be comparable, in the least, to the mass media-spewed accusations and biased ‘fake-news,’ spread throughout almost every mainstream media source? It was crystal-clear that the mainstream hated, and continues to hate, Trump. They couldn’t accept their defeat when Trump won, but instead searched to put blame for the loss on some powerful, influential, enigma; Russia. That is the only logical explanation right? Well, in the emotionally-driven, western culture, it may seem so to some.

The constant fear mongering and intentional lies of the mainstream media could very well have severe consequences, starting with the trust of the viewers. Already, the majority of Americans feel the Mainstream is biased, and cannot be trusted. In a Harvard-Harris poll last May, 65 percent of voters believed there was a lot of fake news the the mainstream media.

Also, talk show hosts accusing nuclear armed adversaries of committing acts of war, when there is no evidence to back up such a claim, even if the act was to simply interfere in the election, could potentially push its viewership to be in favor of such a war. That is reckless and irresponsible, to turn your viewership against a nation, to gain an upper hand in a political discussion. It’s not just talk show hosts speaking such nonsense. Congress has called it an act of war as well, dropping massive amounts of resources into investigation of the Trump-Russia collusion, alongside the FBI, and mainstream media.

Still, with all the money and labor put into investigation, nothing has been found. New York Times took a look at the investigations this last October, and concluded that, if Russia did interfere in the election, they left no trace. So where is the evidence? Simply, there is none; so far at least.

Despite the lack of evidence, PolitiFact has named the 2017 Lie of the Year as follows: “Russian election interference is a ‘made-up’ story.” Their rationalization; “Facebook, Google, and Twitter have investigated their own networks, and their executives have concluded — in some cases after initial foot-dragging — that Russia used the online platforms in attempts to influence the election.”

So Russian citizens did voice their opinions on the matter, according to major networking platforms. That isn’t collusion. That is freedom of speech. Then begs the question, should they be allowed to voice their opinions on american matters? Well don’t Americans do just that? Hollywood elites seem to loudly, and sometimes selfishly, voice their opinions about how countries should run their systems.

In short, there has been no solid evidence on a Trump-Russia collusion, and the media should stop pushing the narrative, before more damage is done to themselves, and their viewers.