By Steven Martin Kensington

Business Insider (BI) pointed out for over a year ago that the Brexit vote might happen even though the public has voted for it. Adam Payne of BI proclaims that “instead, it is merely advisory, and, in theory, could be totally ignored by the UK government. The vote could only have weight in law if the government invoked Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, to activate the process of withdrawing from the Union.

Payne claimed that the “vast majority” of the 650 MPs identifies as Euro-philes and would like to remain in the Union, which makes one wonder whether Britain will actually step out by March 2019 or not. “Finally, the government could just choose to totally ignore the will of the public,” he states.

Making light of this legal loophole may definitely come as a surprise to many, even though it is one year since it was first revealed, but this is an important thing for the British leave supporters to take into consideration. If they now want Britain to leave the Union, they must call for their MPs to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. If that is not done, Britain’s future relation with EU will be filled with uncertainty.

One of the MPs, David Lammy, pointed out that the referendum was an “advisory, non-binding referendum,” and advocated rejecting the result. This is only one of many who thinks in the same way. They think they can ignore the will of the public, for their own advantage. The Independent reported, “to stop Brexit, all the government has to do is nothing.”