By Steven Martin Kensington

Wis., United States – It has been three years since Anissa Weier, and Morgan Geiser, now both 15, stabbed their friend Paython Leitner 19 times during a sleepover before leaving her to die in the woods. They later told investigators that they had done this “to please Slender Man,” referring to the internet game with a plot of walking through the dark woods without being killed by the character called “Slenderman.” The girls said they believed Slender Man would kill their families if they didn’t fulfill the task.

Anissa was sentenced on Thursday to at least three years at Winnebago Mental Health Institute for three years, and being under state supervision for 25 years. Geyser plead guilty to the original charge, with potential of 45 years in prison, but the prosecutors concluded with her not being guilty due to mental disease or defect. Geyser was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2014.

Geyser also eventually was committed to a state mental hospital, but did not get it before proceeding with a different judge even though she was diagnosed early. Weier has been held on $500,000 bail at a West Bend juvenile jail, and her family members visit nearly every day.