By Asish Samson

In a huge boost to the American economy and the American worker several American businesses have announced significant bonuses to its workers after Trump’s historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed by the senate on Tuesday night. Seven American businesses have already declared the bonus and more are sure to follow.

AT&T have already announced a 1000$ bonus to about 200,000 workers which would received in time for the Christmas holidays. They further stated their intention to invest an additional 1 Billion dollars in the US in 2018. Randall Stephenson, Chairman and CEO of AT&T has praised the Tax reform saying that it would “ drive economic growth and create good paying jobs”.

Boeing immediately announced a 300 million dollar investment divided into three areas. 100 million would go for workforce development including skill development and training, 100 million would go for workplace development and infrastructure and 100 million would be used for corporate giving including donations to veterans, military and charities. The CEO of Boeing also praised the tax reform saying that it would “sustain long term growth” to the company.

Wells Fargo announced a hike in minimum hourly pay to 15$ while pledging 400 million dollars to philanthropic causes. The Fifth Third Bancorp, an Ohio based bank had declared a 1000$ bonus to 13,500 of its employees while also raising the minimum wage to 15$. Comcast also announced a 1000$ bonus to 100,000 of its workers while pledging a 50 Billion dollars to infrastructure. Several others companies have also announced various bonuses and salary hikes.

While many American workers and middle class families would surely welcome this tax bill, The usual Democrats and liberals immediately took to their favourite mainstream media channels and social media to claim the usual “ GOP robbed the middle class and gave to poor” and how it would “destroy” America and also “kill” Americans though none of them could explain how the middle class getting to keep more of their hard earned money would destroy or kill anyone. The hashtag #Taxscam was trended on Twitter by the liberals to claim how Trump apparently “scammed” the whole nation even though tax bill raised wages and created more jobs and investments in the USA. Not one Democratic politician voted for the bill. Democratic party, the self proclaimed party of the “poor and middle class”, The party which was in power for the previous 8 years when the middle class and the poor lost more and more jobs and the country got more and more in debt, the Party of the President who claimed “ nothing could be done” about loss of jobs to other countries has repeatedly opposed the Bill. Now they seem to have realised that Trump had actually done something for the people, they have immediately taken to spreading false propaganda about the bill. No matter how hard the Democrats, the media and social media try to propagate this, the American middle class will see the difference in their pay checks and the creation of new jobs. The new tax bill is expected to put an average of 3000$ in the average middle class household.