By Steven Martin Kensington

Silicon Valley, US – After holding several interviews with former employees of Twitter, all of whom wished to remain anonymous, Breitbart discovered the secret behind this social media giant, as reported by Allum Bokhari just recently.

One of the main findings was that the Twitter management is built into three separate groups: “hardline leftists,” the “ACLU type” who still believe in free speech, and those who join through H1B visas, who it is claimed are mostly “apolitical.” They also found that “the majority of Twitter’s management … believes … that ‘hate speech is violence.’ They ‘absolutely’ believe in the idea that ‘abuse scares people off the platform.’ And that certain types of speech ‘silence’ other speech.” This is certainly a big finding, but after the James Damore incident regarding Google, it should perhaps not be too surprising that this also counts for other members of Silicon Valley.

A second source told Breitbart that the company openly celebrates when right-wing figures are banned from the platform. A perfect illustration of this was in the case of the banning of Milo Yiannopoulus, according to the source: “There was a great deal of celebration [at Twitter] when Milo was banned.” The source also said that they had started to estimate the backlash over banning someone controversial in “units of Milo,” meaning their media reach, number of followers, and ability to respond to negative headlines and backlash from members of the public. “It’s like, ‘He’s two Milos, so we can’t ban him!’ or ‘He’s half a Milo, so we can!” said the source to illustrate the case.

It was also reported that Twitter, like Google (as presented in Damore’s lawsuit against them), keep tampons in their men’s restrooms “because some men menstruate.” To make matters even worse, they also replaced the sign on the men’s restroom with a “gender confusion” sign, though just temporarily.

The sources were also familiar with senior executives “on the verge of tears” after Donald Trump won the election, describing scenes of shock and despair at Twitter: “People were huddling up in groups and crying. SJW ‘ally’ men were white knighting to comfort the women, and management sent out a memo saying that if anyone was too distraught to be productive at the office, they should take the day off.”

There is also allegedly an enthusiasm in the company to remove the President from their website, as shown in an undercover Project Veritas video revealing Twitter employee Clay Haynes who said that he and the others at Twitter wanted to “get rid” of him.