By Steven E. White

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, was interrupted by a group, calling themselves the ‘White Pendragons’ on Saturday morning, during a speech to the Fabian Society, a socialist organization. They shouted Trump and Brexit slogans, calling for the arrest of Sadiq Khan, for undermining the constitution, and for his affiliation with the Fabian Society. It is believed this demonstration was partly in protest of Khan’s remarks over Trump not visiting London, but the Pendragons say otherwise…

A member of the right-wing group announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today to make a non-violent, peaceful citizen’s arrest.” Just then, security tried to seat the individuals, but they cited law, saying, “We are under common law jurisdiction, if you touch us, you’ll be gone for common assault. Do not touch us.” as well as, “Stand back! We’re not leaving, I paid for a ticket.”

“Why are you doing this?” a guard asked, to which a camera man, later to state his name as Dave Russell, of the Pendragons responded, “because Sadiq Khan doesn’t speak for everybody. Sadiq Khan is subverting the constitution.” The guards continued to tell them to leave, saying this could be done outside. In response to the question of why they are interrupting a democratic event, Dave said he is in protest of every part of the Fabian Society. “They’ve subverted every part of our constitution. They have subverted every part of our education system. Also, every part of our political system. If you wonder why certain countries are such a mess, it’s because of people like this!”

Minutes passed until police finally arrived, and escorted the group out of the building, peacefully. As the Pendragons left the building, Khan spoke with contempt for Trump and his supporters, “It is a pleasure to be here, even though we were distracted by the actions of what some would call ‘very stable geniuses.’”

This attempted arrest came one day after Khan tweeted on January 12, “Many Londoners have made it clear that Donald Trump is not welcome here while he is pursuing such a divisive agenda. It seems he’s finally got that message.” Some reporters have stated this was the reason for the protests, which, wasn’t mentioned at all by the Pendragons. In Dave’s recording, it is clear they were there to protest the Fabian society, and Khan’s affiliation with them. Dave calls for an investigation of Khan, asking to speak with the head inspector, saying that, “Just because he’s the mayor, doesn’t mean he’s above the law…. They have broken their oaths of office, and we’re here to let them know, if they do that, we are coming for them. We, the people, are suffering. Not them in parliament.”

According to the MSM, the White Pendragons is a white-nationalism, racist, alt-right group. That is not true. It seems to be about patriotism and complete rule of law. They seek to maintain unity throughout Europe, accepting all people from different walks of life in their fold. Of course, though, the MSM has to make every issue about race. The Pendragons, simply, are calling for their freedoms back, and chose to heckle Khan about those freedoms. It is unfair and misleading to label them as racists.