By Will Mannion

Despite the concerns over the far left Canadian governments, heading to an Ethno-Nationalist party in Nationalist clothing will not do any good. More and more Canadians are looking for better alternatives to the major political parties that are currently toe to toe, many Canadians have seen the populist uprising happening all over Europe and the Western World.

The Canadian National Party are a group of Ethno-Nationalists, similar the the British National Party, who try to lure Nationalists into their party – Nationalists, of course, believe in putting their country first where Ethno-Nationalists vocally believe in putting their race first. The CNP was recently denied public venue by taxpayer funded organisations over their extreme views. Unfortunately, this can be interpreted as ‘forbidden fruit’ to those outside of the party that may now want to join. This has been the case with Milo Yiannopoulos’ Berkeley speeches where he was banned for speaking because the grounds on which he was speaking on decided that what he was saying would offend students. This made more people become fans of Milo’s work, Canada is at risk of having the same happen with the CNP.

The CNP has very strong standpoints on social issues which aligns them with the Alt Right; such as holocaust denial, worship of Odin and the leaders of the party affiliate themselves with The Soldiers Of Odin – who target and physically attack foreigners. In conclusion, the CNP aren’t nationalists – they are fascists in sheeps’ clothing.