By Asish Samson

Apparently Yoga, the Indian practice of meditation and exercise is racist and also promotes white supremacy according to two liberal professors. Shreena Gandhi, a Professor of Religious studies in Michigan State University and Lillie Wolff who proclaims herself an “antiracist white Jewish healer” co-authored an article which proclaimed that the American and European practice of Yoga particularly by whites promotes racism, cultural appropriation and “perpetuates white supremacy”.

According to them the very fact that more and more white people are practicing Yoga is evidence of “Systemic racism” that is built on “ labor of black people and the people of the global South” even though Yoga originates in India which is actually present on the Northern Hemisphere. One particularly disturbing passage claims that
“ Western yoga is often represented and marketed in mainstream culture by thin, white, upper middle-class, cisgender, able-bodied women. Another layer to this reality is that white dominant cultural values such as competitive individualism and either/or binary thinking further distort and dilute the ancient teachings.”
Another passage even goes even crazier with the authors targeting whites particularly like this “ in order to uphold the foundation and on-going functioning of white supremacist and racial capitalism, white people are taught to be ahistorical and emotionally repressed. In order to maintain the status quo, white people are taught to sublimate and anesthetize feeling”. This passage paints a very biased and twisted way of white people ij general.
The authors also claim that white people consciously or unconsciously misuse power for a false sense of superiority. All the hate and the vitriol against white people in this article is truly appalling. They further proclaim that Yoga “rightfully” belongs to Indian women. Even though Indian men have also been practicing Yoga through the centuries. They demand that Yoga teachers and Yoga studios should offer discounts to people of colour, immigrants, queer, trans etc. Paradoxically they claim all this was to be done for “Love and Unity” while simultaneously dividing people along race, gender, sexuality, nationality lines. They call for Yoga to decolonized and that the whites should consider the well being and “liberation of Indian people” even though what Indians needed to be liberated of is not specified.

Meanwhile, In India the people feel proud and honoured that their practices are being followed worldwide irrespective or race, gender or nationality. Most Indians in America are also happy to practice Yoga which originated in their motherland. Even many Indian Yoga gurus like Baba Ramdev consider the American practice of Yoga as a thing to feel proud about and should be encouraged.

All this shows that like most liberal problems and issues the only place Racist Yoga exists is in their heads. All the oppression and injustice is only present in virtue signalling articles and protests. At the rate the American liberals are going they are bound to run of things to declare racist and have to do with declaring their very existence a racist thing and blow themselves up. It is stunning to learn that even now the American left has failed to grasp that identity politics and racism cards no longer work and only drive people away.