By Asish Samson

US President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. While his address has received widespread approval among the general public, the Democrats present in attendance played spoilsport. Most of them sat grim faced all through the address. They even refused to stand many times during the address when most of the house stood up to applaud. Some of the instance for which they didn’t stand are truly shocking. These are elaborated below.

Lowest Black Unemployment: Shockingly many black democrats and members of the black caucus sat on their hands when Trump brought up the administrations success in bringing about the lowest level of black unemployment in 40 years. This should have been something that both Republicans, Democrats and the general public should have been happy about. But this only drew applause from one side of the aisle.
National Anthem: This should have been expected but still it is rather disturbing. When Trump announced that everyone should stand for the National anthem this left many democrats confused. House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi stood and tapped her hands, then looked at her colleagues who refused to stand up and shrugged. This further underlines the Democratic party’s stance on patriotism.


MS13 Victims: When Trump brought up the subject of illegal immigration the Democrats booed and groaned but had to quickly shut up when Trump introduced the families of victims of MS13 gang members who were killed. Trump shared the story the story of the two girls killed and called for unity, strict laws and an end to loopholes that allowed illegal immigration. All through this the Democrats sat sour faced.

Job growth and Higher wages : Trump brought up the subject of the increasing number of jobs, higher wages and the reducing unemployment numbers boosted by his deregulation, tax cuts and economic policy. While this should something to rejoice about the Democrats responded ny sitting on their hands firmly and sporting faces of increasing contortion.

12 year old who honoured Veterans: Trump brought up and introduced the 12 year old boy who laid flowers on Soldiers graves on Veterans day. Trump praised the boy for this virtuous display of love for his country. While this should have evoked an emotional response, the Democrats sat stone faced all through this.

Steve Scalise: One of the biggest rounds of applause was given when Trump brought up and called out Rep. Steve Scalise who was shot by a radical liberal in July 2017. But even through this some Democrats sat stubbornly highlighting their agenda even when one of their own numbers was shot.

Melania Trump: Usually, First Ladies from any party are greeted by all the house irrespective of the President. But, Melania Trump who arrived in gorgeous white pantsuit was greeted by the dour faced Democrats who seemed to be exhibiting different levels of constipation. The level of hatred for anything related to Trump shows that the Democrats agenda is based on people rather than policy.

All these blunders by the Democrats only serve to repel the people away from their party and hurt their electoral prospects badly. 0