By Asish Samson

The viral hit pop song “Shape of You” by the British singer Ed Sheeran won the award for Best Solo Performance on Sunday Night Grammy awards. This led to furious screams of rage and despair from several sections of liberals and feminists all over social media. All the outrage over was particularly due to two reasons: They claim Shape of you objectifies a woman’s body and Ed Sheeran was the only male nominee in the category and beat other female nominees to win.
Many distressed liberals took to twitter to express their outrage. Jen Chaney, a Vulture magazine columnist expressed her apparent dismay on twitter. She claimed her son was “confused” about why Shape of you won(as if every child questioned Grammy’s as a healthy part of growing up). She expresser her dismay over not being able to answer him. Many others claimed Ed Sheeran being a man as the only reason for him winning a Grammy, While others claimed he had no right to win just because he was a man while completely missing the point that no other song reached the level of exposure or fame that Shape of you has reached. Other nominees in this category include Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Kesha. All these artists have previously made video songs that include intense objectification of themselves along with acute profanity.
Shape of you debuted number 1 on Billboard 100 and stayed there for almost an year while Kesha’s nominated song was at number 67. It sold 240,000 downloads and 20 million streams in its debut week alone. The song reached 1 billion streams on Spotify in June 2017. The music video of Shape of you on Youtube was one of the fastest videos to reach 1 billion views while the video itself is the third most viewed video ever in Youtube history. Shape of you is also Australia’s highest selling song of the year.

While Ed Sheeran received a lot of flak for winning he also received a lot of support from for his performance in the Grammys. He had previously stated that he had written the song in tribute of Rihanna and in a positive way.