By Asish Samson

Feminists in the US  seem to be reaching new record lows everyday. The level they stoop to express their hate is getting nastier and crazier everyday. They have become particularly unhinged after Donald Trump won the election against their beloved rape enabler Hillary Clinton. Imagine the amount to hate required to brainwash a child as young as 4 years old to hate a particular race and to hate the law just to advance their radical beliefs. This is exactly what these feminists did to their children.

Neesha Powell is a reporter for Everyday Feminism, a feminist website. She describes herself as Black, queer, feminist, womanist (?), dancer, organiser, freedom fighter (??) and writer among other things. In an article she published in January this year she describes Selena Valesco a “queer, non-binary, femme artist” from Seattle  who teaches her 8 year old son Elijah about Trump and his policies. Yes, to a 8 year old boy. She taught him about Trump’s temporary travel ban calling it an “immigration ban” and asking him to imagine what it would feel like if Trump ordered his grandparents from Mexico to leave the US and never come back.  And she didn’t stop there. She even took her son to Black Lives Matter marches and even claims to have taught him how to spot “Anti-blackness” in the playground. And it gets worse. She also supposedly taught her son about America’s “White Supremacy”. She claims it is an attempt to “decolonize” his education.

Next Powell describes Shaun a black, queer, “non-binary parent” and his 4 year old daughter. She claims that this 4 year old “knows” what Trump is doing “isn’t right”. And her parents have already taught her that “Police are harmful”(good job teaching your child to hate law enforcement). And Shaun also claims to taught his daughter about the realities of this “ Anti-Black police state”. Even the stories they read to their daughter are infused with identity and gender politics. Shaun says that “ We ask what their pronouns are to be this time, we’ll change up relationships, just try to queer things up as much as we can”.

Both Valesco and Shaun have already taught their children about “gender fluidity”. They taught them that gender “exists” out of the binary and to ask for pronouns. They also taught them they have the “right to determine their own gender” irrespective of basic biology or logic. Powell end the article with her “hope” that “social justice” and “anti-oppression” are made required coursework in all schools. She claims this is necessary in a time when Donald Trump’s apparent racism and misogyny “ poison our youth and their futures”. She expressed her hope that these children would grow up to “lead this country out of the grips of bigotry and oppression”.

What these people need to realise is that these kind of identity politics which reduce people to their skin colour and gender have been rejected by the public. It actually caused the ordinary, average Americans to desert the Democratic party in droves. It actually caused many people to move towards Trump rather than away from him. If they keep on clinging to this kind of activism they will surely be decimated in the coming elections. Sadly, the most negatively effected by these are the children themselves.  They are the victims of this radical liberal ideology which is forced upon them at such a young age by their unhinged parents. To sum it up, this doesn’t bode well for any of us and especially for them and their future growing up.