By Kyle Prentice

Many Democrats as of late have been called upon by conservatives and liberals to denounce their connections to Louis Farrakhan after he made anti-semitic and racist remarks in a speech a little over a week ago. Farrakhan stated that “powerful Jews are [his] enemy” and “white folks are going down”.

Seven members of the Congressional Black Caucus have ties with Farrakhan, and are on the hot seat for it. Women’s March co-chairwoman Tamika Mallory has become the target of a lot of heat on social media for her ties to Farrakhan as well. She has made an attempt to protect herself on Twitter, as seen here:

Tamika Mallory Tweet

Mallory has continued to receive heat for her ties to Farrakhan regardless of this statement.

Recently, in a related news story, a picture was released of former President Obama and other members of the Black Caucus meeting with Farrakhan at an event. This picture was kept secret until recently for political reasons.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out any Democrat associating with Farrakhan in the following tweet:

Jake Tapper Tweet

He points out the obvious irony of individuals openly against bigotry supporting Farrakhan, and rightfully so.

With the midterm elections coming up, the members of Congress associated with Farrakhan should denounce him as this will surely impact their re-election odds. It is a shame more haven’t yet.