By Kyle Prentice

The UN is calling for another 30-day cease-fire in Syria so that injured civilians can get the necessary humanitarian aid they so desperately need.

The call, initially unanimously passed on February 24th, was for all parties to halt engagements in heavily populated cities so that the UN could get medical supplies to the some 5.6 million Syrians in need.

However, a convoy that was headed to help 400,000 Syrians was pulled over and stripped by security forces on Monday.

According to UN aid workers in the region, this is not an uncommon occurrence.

The government is stripping these convoys of their supplies out of fear that they may be used to treat rebels.

The situation is so dire that even Russia (who initially delayed the 30-day ceasefire) is calling for a daily five-hour truce.

As of now, these calls are being ignored.

The UN has been making efforts to get to people in the heavily besieged parts of Syria, like the eastern region of Ghouta, to evacuate those in need of intensive care, but with the government’s continued bombing of Ghouta on Wednesday, it’s been to no avail.

Sadly, the UN cannot do much else without the greater backing of powerful nations like the US and Russia, none of which seem interested in getting further involved in the Syrian war mess.