Tommy Robinson traveled to Rome this week to report on the Italian elections. While he resided there, he viewed a video of a camera woman being assaulted by the Central African migrants in a main station in Italy, at night; while she was live on air. He thought he’d go see just how much the migrants hated the media, and brought his cameras to do some reporting. Watch below:


Not even minutes into filming, a group of men assaulted the cameraman and threatened to kill Tommy Robinson. “Within minutes they noticed the camera and went straight for my cameraman. We kept the camera rolling as I was forced to intervene to protect my crew.” Tommy stated in the video description.


They kept the cameras rolling, as the leader of the men argued with Tommy and threatened to kill him. As Tommy turned to walk away, it seemed the man lifted his fist as if to strike a blow. Tommy quickly reacted, turning around and swiftly landing a right hook that discombobulated the migrant and stopped him in his tracks. The police arrived soon after, and detained the angered migrant, letting Tommy go free.


Tommy concluded, “I was genuinely shocked to see the state of central Rome and just how little respect these migrants have for the people living there.”