By: William Prophett

April 20, 2018


According to most of the targeted information regarding cyber hacking, war, the US, the UK, and Russia, there is a good potential for an upcoming war.

In an article 4 days ago by the Independent, and one Ciaran Martin, “The purpose of these attacks could be espionage, the theft of intellectual property and they could be positioned for use in times of tension.  There are millions of machines being globally targeted, trying to seize control over connectivity.”

The British Intelligence Community actually referred to Russia as our ‘most capable adversary.’


Groups like WannaCry and others are targeting critical infrastructure and internet service providers.  Think of those as gateways to your data, all of it.  What has been promised is a hardcore domestic breakdown of the doors of Americans and Brits with computers, and some legitimate anti black-hat operations.  Essentially what the Independent is reporting is that white hats will be the targets of more enforcement actions because there is simply more data on them.  This will lead to quick rebellion and an increase in ideologically violent events as a result of direct treason.  The government, however, is quite comfortable with its position of ignorance on the matter, which is terrifying in terms of one question.  Are we about to let them destroy the west?  Can you imagine all the cops arresting their own children and then the Democrats ordering the bloods and crips to arrest them?  This is not a question of why or whom, but of when.  The Internet of Things may have been our Skynet situation, or perhaps a certain tech groups cyborg bee program.

But either way, having the ability to be frozen on death to potentially preserve yourself is pretty cool.

Moscow-based cryonics KrioRus has now launched a cryptocurrency offering to raise money for its new Swiss center, which people from around the world could come to just before they died, writes News Week

This is not an advertisement for KrioRus, just thought it was a dope way to spend $200,000.  Freezing yourself?  Are you kidding me?

Anyways, the Guardian reported that the US treasury sanctioned five entities and nineteen individuals for cyber attacks.  This was also during and around the Presidential election period.  The government is responding to cyber attacks with cyber attacks, and is getting better everyday at countering them.  However, most of these attacks get through US and British defenses as of today.  The biggest problem with all of this is the fact that critical infrastructure has not been retroactively secured in America, that’s one thing Europe did right that we did not.

Did I mention that six Senior Military Intelligence Officers were targeted in said attacks?

This immediately reminds me of the ‘NotPetya’ attacks in February, which both we and UK blamed for the attacks.  US official Gavin Williamson said Russia was ripping up the rule book and Putin said he dindunuffin.  The Russian leader even called the US, ‘Russophobic.’

All I have to say is.. ‘from the US with love, Putin.’  These people don’t want any smoke like that.

American and British officials agree that malicious cyber activity will be prioritized at the top of the pyramid, claiming again that Russia had attacked America is a quiet attack in 2017. It really is pretty wreckless to just target and exploit innocent people, so this makes a great deal of sense to me. Theresa May was a bit too heavy on the anti-Russia horn for me to really believe any of it.

Socialist NAZIs do not tickle my fancy, I despise them and their ideas are extremely dangerous.  And I do believe she is guilty of the very same manipulation as Mr. Putin is.  What I think doesn’t matter.  Foreign Office minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said: “The UK government judges that the Russian government, specifically the Russian military, was responsible for the destructive NotPetya cyber attack,’ per the BBC.  One should hope that America took a second before drawing the same conclusions, but slowly it seems to be the case.  This should alert the public, but instead they are continuing to work and peacefully protest.

Nothing out of the blue today.