Starbucks have found themselves under heavy fire this week following a viral video on twitter which depicted police handcuffing and forcibly removing two men of Afro Caribbean descent from a Philadelphia store. In the video a Caucasian man can be seen arguing with the police that the Afro Caribbean men had done nothing wrong and their removal was unjust and completely uncalled for. Organisations like Black lives matter and the mainstream media have of course been frothing at the mouth at this perceived injustice, while Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson himself issued a grovelling apology, claiming that Starbucks would be shutting over 9000 stores for a racial sensitivity training day involving over 175,000 employees.

While leftist ideolouges revel in the perceived injustice and Starbucks executives grovel and scrape before this social justice narrative, the real victims of this incident seem to have been thrown by the wayside. On the day in question, three men entered the store together to conduct a business meeting of sorts. Andrew Yaffe is a Jewish businessman who runs a real estate development firm and had invited the two men, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson to discuss a business investment opportunity, when one of them decided that he needed to go to the toilet. A member of staff at Starbucks told the man that the toilet facilities are reserved for customers who are making a purchase from Starbucks, only to have him reply that he had no intention of buying anything, after which he sat back down. Following this exchange, the manager of the store approached the two men and asked them politely to leave if they did not intend to make a purchase.

The escalation of this situation only took place after the men had been asked nicely no less than three times to make a purchase, to which they outright refused on all three occasions. Finally having enough of this situation and refusing to be held hostage in her own store, the manager told the men that if they did not make a purchase or leave, then she would call the police, to which then men replied “call the police, we don’t care”.  Having been rudely and unfairly intimidated to the point that she felt she had no other option, the store manager called the police, here is the call recording:


Upon arriving at the scene, police officers approached the men and explained several times to them that they were now trespassing on Starbucks property and needed to make a purchase or leave, to which the men responded with defiance. Realising the potential for this incident to be abused as some kind of discriminatory practice, officers then called a superior to assess the situation and speak to the men. After speaking with the trespassers and once again asking them to leave, explaining that they were now breaking the law, the men again refused to leave and thus rightly were handcuffed and arrested.



One thing that can be easily agreed upon by those using this incident to push a divisive political narrative and the rest of us, is that Starbucks IS actually racist and here is why. By wrongfully throwing the store manager under the bus so to speak in the face of undue outrage, the management of Starbucks have sent a strong message that black people cannot be held to the same basic societal expectations of decency and respect as everyone else. This however did not go unnoticed by the now notorious online activists at /POL and the newest stage of the war on Starbucks began. Firstly a fake coupon began to circulate on Social media offering a free black coffee as reparations, then when this was debunked, the online geniuses produced a fake letter from Starbucks, explaining that the offer had been fake, but proclaiming that it was inspiring, so not only would they provide ALL customers with a free coffee, but they would also discount food products by 50%.

Fake couponstarbucks letter

As if this had not caused enough chaos for Starbucks, the online activists at poll decided to take it up a notch by spreading the narrative over leftist and black lives matter forums, that the Starbucks ‘offer’ amounted to nothing more than an insult and transparent attempt to quell outrage by simply buying everyone off with free coffee. Amazingly this campaign actually worked and became a major headache for Starbucks, which found themselves under fire from all sides as many of its stores were occupied by activists protesting Starbucks’ institutional racism.



In summary, the lesson Starbucks should be taking from this is that every time a company unduly bows down to social justice activists, the results are devastating to the business and simply causes more damage and divisiveness in the wider society as a whole. As the old saying goes, “if you give them an inch they will take a mile” therefore this tragedy is entirely of Starbucks’ own making. Marvel Comics has learned the hard way that allowing insane Neo Marxists to bully their business resulted in widespread rejection of the brand. Lets hope that Starbucks finally learns a lesson from this.

Addition: Given that the events described by the two men since the incident are so out of sync with the testimony of witnesses, I am now of the absolute opinion that this whole event was planned and staged by these men to abuse the current climate of fear and partisanship regarding racial issues. 

  1. The description of the event given by the men was fictitious and runs contrary to the description of witnesses at the event.
  2. The attire of the alleged ‘victims’ of this event was inconsistent with the narrative that they was attending a business meeting that was months in the planning.
  3. The video seemed purposely engineered to make it look like Andrew Yaffe was a bystander and had no relationship to them men. Also the video showed nothing of what immediately preceded the arrest.
  4. The reaction of the Starbucks management was predictable given the recent history of the company.

by Christian Finch