For those unfamiliar with the story, Mark Meechan AKA Count Dankula was a youtuber with 7 subscribers at the time when he made a comedic video to annoy his girlfriend, in which he taught her beloved dog Buddha to be as he put it “the worst thing in the world, a Nazi”. Meechan prefaced the video by explaining that this indeed was a joke and that he was doing this purely to annoy his girlfriend who loved the dog, before releasing it to give his friends a giggle. The video indeed was funny, so funny in fact that someone uploaded it to Reddit and the video went viral, attracting well over a million views.

nazi pug
Above: An image from the video in question

With over a million views and not a single complaint, the Scottish police took it upon themselves to complain on behalf of all the people that this work of satire must have surely offended, thus on Thursday 28th of April 2016, with the press prepped and ready in wait outside of his house, the police turned up and he was summarily arrested under draconian hate speech laws. Once the trial began it was adjourned again and again until the point were the political persecution of Meechan had surpassed the Nuremberg trails in length, which one can only assume was an attempt to allow the public outrage at his persecution to fizzle away. The plan seems to have backfired, as people the world over flocked to show their support for Mark and his youtube subscriptions swelled to a level of which he could never have conceived.

Things turned more grim for Meechan when the judge appointed to his case had a radical history of passing downright crazy rulings in previous cases. One such case was that of a man sentenced for possession of a toy gun, who jokingly said that he was going to use it to rob people, thus it was already established that this judge did not understand humour. The judges lack of humour however would not of been a factor if Mark Meechan had been afforded due process and a trial by jury which did not happen. Instead the judge assessed that context could only be decided by the court, thereby over ruling Meechans self determination and agency to choose what he thinks.

So lets take a quick summary of events so far

  • The police took it upon themselves to invent a complaint against Meechan
  • The police clearly informed the press of the arrest before it happened
  • Meechan was not entitled to due process and a Jury
  • The judge in Meechans case had a history of extreme rulings
  • The court stated the context could only be decided by them, thus making it impossible for Mark to argue his case.
  • The trial has taken longer than the Nuremberg trials

On the 20th March 2018 Mark Meechan was found guilty of producing grossly offensive material under the communications act. The trial was covered by renowned free speech activist Tommy Robinson as it developed and attracted many supporters of Mark, outraged that this trial was even taking place, let alone in the manner that it had. Among the supporters were liberal commentator Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) who himself has a significant following online and is the founder of a movement that he named the Liberalists. The Liberalist movement was started by Sargon to counterbalance the polarising left / right identitarian narrative and  promote classical liberalism, heavily centred on the furtherment / maintenance of individual liberty and the right to self determination. As well as this, comedian Jonathan Pie made a video in which he engaged in the very same joke, outside of the court.

meechan supporters
Carl Banjamin and others gather to protest for Mark Meechans right to due process and free speech

Today Mark Meechan will be sentenced, in a complete perversion of judicial process for the crime of Making a joke. As the issue has garnered international attention, large crowds are expected to form outside the court while concurrently another protest about this will be taking place outside Downing street. I would urge anyone who can make it to one of these events to do so if they reside in the UK, as this precedent could one day see you facing the same manner of inquisition style ‘justice’. On the bright side, Meechan hosted a ‘goodbye’ live stream last night, in which avid supporters from all over the world donated thousands upon thousands of pounds to him. Meechan has made it clear that regardless of the sentence he receives today, he will be challenging the verdict of the court. This is a battle that must be won at any cost to reverse this precedent and seemingly freedom loving people in Britain and around the world are prepared to pay it.

  • 10:34am Mark Meechan avoids prison and is fined £800
  • Below, Meechan recommits to challenging the conviction to reverse this legal precedent. The costs are estimated to be £100,000


Most of the videos linked were shot by independent journalist Tim pool, Check him out at

By Christian Finch: Gab   Facebook