By Borislav Ignatov

Philosophy → Ideology based on philosophy → Policies  based on ideology→ Political party leading by example → Way of life → Consequences that come with that way of life.

Politics should be handled with reason and evidence. However, timing is everything with political events can have a massive impact on the political views of the people, here are some examples: New Year 2015 Cologne or this case, Sweden cases ( 1, 2, 3), Italy cases ( 1, 2, 3) UK cases ( 1, 2, 3), Self defense cases ( 1, 2, 3), France cases (1, 2 → multiple examples), even Canada is beginning to feel the consequences of mass immigration due to their kind-hearted nature and progressive nature (1 & 2).

There are only a few of many cases around Europe, and still there is cases that remain unreported, as the mainstream media sees this as an attack on the narrative which they are trying to push. This has led to increasing opposition for the EU, through the rise of nationalist parties such as: National Front (France), Five star movement (Italy), AfD (Germany), National Democrats (Sweden).

Such cases can easily infuriate people and make them harbour extremist views, on the other hand of the spectrum people can also be too accepting, allowing their kindness to bring about their own demise through the disguise of ethical decisions. Helping people is the right thing to do, but at mass immigration is unsustainable if there is no future plan to move back these displaced individuals and even then what happens if they do not want to leave?

In mainstream media nationalistic views are often said to be alt-right, or they are racist, xenophobic, fascists, bigots and the list goes on. However, it is important to understand why people are called those names and why they hold the believes they do. First of all it is important to establish the fact that mass immigration is not good for the asylum seekers or the people/country responsible for harbouring these individuals.

Through mass immigration there is a larger amount of competition when it comes to finding jobs (more competition lowers wages), and people need to eat. Therefore, immigrants whom have not been fully or if at all integrated into these foreign countries that they seek asylum,  may result to a life of crime due to a lack of education, language barrier or even personal choice.

It is difficult to integrate massive amount of people without creating areas that mostly populated by migrants, as a consequence there is no incentive to learn the language, no incentive to accept cultural differences and no incentive for a better life style. Education is a crucial part of any society, and integrating people requires re-education as the only law some of these refugees know, is the law taught in the Quran which in itself goes against the laws of most developed countries.

In addition, can western countries truly afford to house and support all the refugees they are taking, it is simply a ticking time bomb as some countries such as England, the government struggles to look after its own people. By putting the needs of those abroad before the tax contributing citizens, the UK government has shown how their priorities are clearly not in order.

People are tired of being neglected because they represent the majority of the population. People are tired of the religious persecution that comes with harbouring muslim refugees. People are tired of being treated like second class citizens in their own country.

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One massive problem the EU refuses to acknowledge is refugees and asylum seekers lying about their age and other details in order to be granted asylum. We cannot allow for the people we attempt to help, to allow to divide us and ruin our way of life. When someone goes to the UAE they are expected to abide by their strict if questionable rules, but yet in the western world its different.

Sharia courts and councils have found their way into the UK , and they are a way of avoiding the British justice system, and by law they should be illegal according to the Bill of Rights Act 1689.


Not all muslims are bad of course, but the silent muslim community that disagrees with what is going needs to stand up.