As of late, Britain has become something of a meme, with the valiant UK police seizing dangerous butter knives and tools, banning the incredibly dangerous Lauren Sothern, Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner, and of course imprisoning Jayda Fransen for exposing paedophiles’ that had been allowed to roam the streets long after they had committed a vicious and violent rape. It seems in Britain these days that exposing rapists is frowned upon especially if they are of a particular faith, because of course then its ‘hate speech’. Britain has had more than its share of problems with the widespread grooming and rape of children in towns and cities up and down the country.

What our American friends need to understand, is that Britain is effectively a two party system, both of which have the very same socialist core ideologies, therefore at the general election the British public was offered the choice of voting for Neo Communists (conservatives) or even more radical Neo communists (Labour), the leader of which (Jeremy Corbyn) had openly endorsed the government seizure and re-allocation of private property, following the Grenfell fire. Theresa Mays’ Orwellian election manifesto was frightening, though not as bad as the prospect of a full blown communist being the prime minister.

It’s well known in Britain that football is a bone of contention between rival firms across the country, however matters have become so severe around the subjects of Islam and institutional judicial bias, that football firms from all around the country united for a series of huge protests. The mainstream media once again tried to blanket label the FLA (football lads alliance) as racists and Xenophobes, though this backfired badly, as it was plain to see that the FLA consisted of every colour and creed. Today the FLA will once again be meeting in their thousands, after which, at 1pm, they will be marching from speakers corner in Hyde park, to the day of freedom protest in Whitehall.

Amongst the names that will be speaking in Whitehall today are Mark Meechan (Count Dankula) Cark Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) Stephen Yaxley (Tommy Robinson) and of course Milo Yinnopolous, who although an American now has returned to his country of origin to take part in this very serious struggle against government censorship and the persecution of dissenters. Remarkably the unprecedented step was taken by Stephen Yaxley to extend an invitation to the radical left to join the day for freedom protest, which aims to protect all free speech, not simply the speech of any particular political leaning. It remains to be seen if the left wing will join the struggle for freedom of speech or will instead attempt to violently disrupt the protest. A hard left ‘Antifa’ MMA group has asked its members to stay to oppose ‘The Nazis’ at the day for freedom event, while it has been reported that hard left groups have been circulating instructions of what to bring that suggest that they are indeed coming for trouble.

Free speech is definitely in trouble in the UK, with thousands being arrested every year for things that they have said on the internet, while police protest that they simply do not have the resources to tackle serious violent crime on the street. It seems the government have come to the conclusion that its much easier to arrest and detain detractors, than tackle the serious problems of widespread child rape and violent crime which is spreading across Britain like a cancer.


By Christian Finch:  Gab Facebook