By Asish Samson


Ever since Donald Trump got elected as the President of the United States, there have been a myriad of reactions from around the globe. While the people who voted for Trump hoped that Trump would be a change-maker, someone who would better their lives, many others feared the opposite. Democrats screamed that Trump would destroy America, start a nuclear war, collude with Russia and bring on the end of the world itself. Less than 2 years into his Presidency Trump, A celebrity billionaire with no previous experience has actually achieved a lot more than the usual career politician with decades of experience. Now, there are increasing calls to nominate him to the Nobel Peace Prize. While many oppose this, here are 4 reasons alone that prove Trump truly deserves it.


ISIS Decimated : During the Obama Administration ISIS grew from a relatively small terrorist organisation to a global menace. It occupied whole countries, imposed its own governments, attacked Europe, South Asia and was rapidly radicalising people through the internet. Thousands fled to join them and their strength increased day by day. Enter Trump. One of Trump’s key election promises was to get rid of ISIS including the famous phrase that he would “bomb the s***t out of them”. And that’s exactly what he did. Trump’s excellent choice for Secretary of Defense James “ Mad dog” Mattis and his administration pounced on ISIS and served them blow after blow. Eventually ISIS were driven out of their strongest holds in Syria, many insurgents fled, surrendered or were killed. Their hostages were released. Just a few days ago the Trump Administration captured 5 key remaining ISIS leaders. In just a year and a half ISIS changed from a strong terror unit with significant territory to a fringe element mostly in hiding. Even Trump’s harshest critics had to agree that Trump’s election was a deathblow to ISIS


Iran Nuclear Deal : The Obama Administrations Iran Nuclear deal was a controversial step. It lifted nuclear sanctions on the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism. By allowing Iran to run nuclear facilities it increased the risk of a nuclear war while doing nothing to further American interests. Again, this too was one of Trump’s promises. He promised to rollback the infamous deal and he followed through on this promise. Even as Obama and John Kerry worked behind the scenes to undermine Trump against American interests Trump stubbornly pulled out.


Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula:   This is one of the biggest reasons for his nomination. While most world leaders ignored or avoided Kim Jong Un, Trump took him head on. He was committed to the denuclearization and worked towards it by first taking a hard stance against Kim and thereby forcing him to look for peace with South Korea. It is no coincidence that as soon as the peace talks between North and South Korean concluded, a South Korean delegation immediately briefed Trump about it. And the historic Trump-Kim Jong Un meet, the first of its kind is now slated to take place in Singapore in June. Kim Jong Un has already promised to give up nuclear tests and as cherry on top released American detainees held in North Korea before the talks.


Israel- Jerusalem Capital: Again, while most leaders avoided this conflict Trump took a definite stance on the issue. With the neutral and Two State solution not working because of the Palestinians, Trump declared that the USA recognised Jerusalem as its capital and announced that he would move the embassy there. The embassy move is slated to occur sometime this week. While many argue this is a controversial move, Trump set a precedent and some other countries followed him by declaring the same. By doing this Trump reinforced Israel’s sovereignty as a nation.



While these are just a few of Trump’s international achievements Trump achieved a lot more domestically. From taking unemployment to a 40 year low and the ever increasing economy and record breaking stock market along with tax cuts and the decrease of the number of people on food stamps, Trump is doing what no politician has done for his country and he is not yet halfway there.