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         London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s latest decision to focus on tackling childhood obesity, over some of the city’s larger problems, has left a sour taste in the mouths of many in the city. Citizens are criticizing Khan for starting a campaign against junk food ads, all while the blood of his city begins to boil. An epidemic of violence has begun to sweep over the streets of London, and panic is setting in.

          All advertising that promotes foods and drinks that are high in salt, fat and sugar, will effectively be eliminated from all tube and bus transportation stations of London. So, places like McDonalds can only buy advertising if it’s for a healthy food, such as a salad. Diet-coke can stay, regular coke cannot. So on and so forth. Mayor Khan announced that this is in an effort to combat childhood obesity. He further explains that childhood obesity is “a ticking time bomb,” citing the fact that almost 40% of 10 to 11-year olds in London are obese. These are among the highest in Europe. I think that most reasonable people can agree this is a problem, however, should this campaign be what’s in focus?

          The real problem comes with the fact the Sadiq Khan announced his main focus would be childhood obesity, while the city is sprawling with crime. BBC news has reported that “between eight and 15 ‘knife crimes with injury’ will occur on average each day in London.” Several shootings have also taken place this year, in spite of the overwhelmingly strict gun laws in the U.K.

          With crime statistics now marking London as more dangerous than New York City, many city-dwellers are now starting to feel the heat of an increasingly warm climate of crime. The majority of the crimes perpetrated in this new wave of violence have been moped-related incidents. Having the access to fast get-away transportation, coupled with the fact that gun laws are strict in Britain, seems to be the perfect recipe for rapid criminality in the city. Statistics obtained through a Freedom of Information (FOI) act reveal that Moped-related crimes have multiplied a staggering 30 times since 2012. More than 23,000 crimes using mopeds took place last year, up from 827 in 2012. The Moped crimewave has been especially devastating in the London boroughs of Camden and Islington, where over 40% of the crimes occur.

Ironically, the same places that Khan ruled to ban food advertisements from, are the same places most moped-related crimes happen at: transport stations.

Many vocal defenders of free speech in London are also in an uproar as the city chooses to censor certain foods from being advertised. Although it may seem like a step in the right direction to some, censorship is a slippery slope. The people of London will continue to panic as the city falls deeper into discord, and the citizens of the nation are left helpless. Current liberal policies of London, and Britain in general, have left the city out to dry.