By Asish Samson

According to Maya Lewis, a writer for Everyday Feminism website climate change is racist. She writes: “People of color, Poor people and women are most adversely  affected by climate change”. She writes that climate change “worsens” gender equality and discrimination especially on women of color. While no reason is given why climate change effects each race differently she goes on pointing out more of this “racism” further in the article.


Her solution for the Climate change problem: Gender equality i.e more women dictating climate policies. Not based on qualification, but based on gender. She quotes: “There cannot be climate justice without gender justice”. She then claims that women understand climate change better than men (sexist much?) and therefore must be dictating climate change policy. And then according to her LGBTQ people are also discriminated by climate change. She claims that relief efforts during natural disasters fail in aiding trans and queer communities and that emergency shelters are always not equipped for LGBTQ people and what’s more she asks that media should focus more the experiences of LGBTQ disaster victims. While all this seems ridiculous and strange it only gets worse further on.

Her other solution for tackling climate change: Diversity. That’s right. Good ol’ diversity. According to her article: “Between 2013 to 2016 six ciswomen delegates were elected as chairs for the UN Framework on climate change while this year only three ciswomen were elected”. She also points out that there no LGBTQ people in these conventions and therefore they are discriminatory. The fact that she completely seems to miss is that this is a UN Convention meeting and people are elected based on their experience and qualification and not a SJW meeting where people are selected to fill racial and diversity quotas.


Rather than see climate change as a collective human experience she breaks down the victims into races, genders and sexualities. And then she claims discrimination on one side even though there is no evidence that climate change affects one race more than the others or women more than men. Instead of seeing everyone as victims, she sees victims based on skin color, gender and sexualities. This is a classic example of identity politics that has been the bread and butter of the liberals. Instead of concentrating on the relief efforts during natural disasters she blames the rescuers for not providing amenities to a very small minority most of whom frankly don’t care about these things. Her entire narrative is based on a non-existent discrimination and bigotry which only exist in her mind. She is so ingrained in her ideologies that everything to her even climate change is discriminatory and looking for new things to be offended about.