By Nikos Tsinakis

It has been a rather historical week for Israel so far in the wake of Trump’s controversial decision to move the American Embassy in the country to Jerusalem. Celebrations and criticism have engulfed entire media platforms even amongst conservatives, due to the nature of the response that the Israeli defense force has taken to subdue the Palestinian protesters – resulting in more than 60 dead and thousands injured.  However, let us explore another story that happened earlier this week which will surely invoke some interesting emotions when it comes to discussing the uncomfortable truths of Israel’s foreign policy strategy.



Netta Barzilai’s supporters waving the rainbow flag in the town square, resembling a gay pride parade

Obese Israeli SJW wins Eurovision


There are many reasons to have mixed feelings over this year’s Eurovision song contest: First, Israel, a non-European nation just won Eurovision for the 4th time, by pandering to the show’s overwhelmingly liberal audience with repulsive neo-Marxist ideas. The obese Jewish pop singer Netta Barzilai preaches about themes such as “fat is beautiful” and “diversity is strength” on and off the stage. The sheer shock of this victory is further amplified by the stark contrast of how we all normally view Israel; a conservative state that has always been strongly against such false modern values in the name of equality and progress.

“The song has an important message — the awakening of female power and social justice, wrapped in a colorful, happy vibe,” Barzilai was quoted as saying by Eurovision site wiwibloggs last week.

The trending video of her performance has since garnered a mostly negative rating with 367,000 dislikes. Her song “Toy” was said to have been inspired by the Hollywood Feminist #metoo movement.


How come the liberals are not attacking her for appropriating Asian culture by wearing that dress?

A classic example of “Ethnostate for me but not for thee”

There’s no more curious case in international relations today than the phenomenon of Israel, a Jewish state with many sound policies that serves its people and put them before anyone else. The West certainly has a lot to learn in regards to maintaining a functional socially conservative society, something that Israel has managed to achieve in the face of modern “Progressivism”. Yet at the same time, it pushes internationalist policies onto other nations that would simply not fly in their own country. To put it into perspective, left-wing Israelis frequently express the state-sanctioned suppression of LGBT and feminist activists in their country yet somehow when the singer that is officially chosen by Israel to represent itself on the international stage is allowed to openly preach the polar opposite what the Israeli government advocates among their own populations. To connect the dots even further, we can draw the conclusion that all this marxist view of social justice and gender equality Netta talks about in her song is very much connected with multiculturalism, a problem being especially relevant in Europe today.

Food for thought; why would a country where non-jews have zero hope to immigrate to, where refugees from Africa gets deported by force, essentially an ethnostate in every sense of the word, would support multiculturalism happening in Europe?

Her victory in the name of “social justice” has been endorsed at an institutional level by the Prime Minister of Israel:

“These days Jerusalem is being blessed with many gifts,” Netanyahu said on social media.


“We received another one last night with Netta’s thrilling and suspenseful victory. The gift is that Eurovision will come to Jerusalem next year; we will be very proud to host it.”