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          Known-warmonger John Bolton has only been National Security Advisor for a few weeks, yet almost single-handedly ruined the summit between the United States and North Korea when, on May 8th, he told Fox News that the model they would follow for North Korean nuclear disarmament would be similar to the one used in Libya. This is a strikingly bad example to follow. Kim Jong Un has now reportedly stopped talks with South Korea, and is rumored to be considering stopping the summit with Trump as well.

          Trump sharply corrected Bolton, who has a history of being overly zealous about war. Trump explained that he thinks the meeting will still go quite smashingly. As it stands, he said that they have no plans of toppling the North Korean regime. Trump says that the deal he makes with Kim will include guarantees for NK. He points out that there was no plan for Gaddafi to stay alive in Libya, whereas that will not be the case with Kim Jong Un.

          What Bolton referred to in his now-denounced interview with Fox news, was the Libyan disarmament that happened in 2003. The Libyan disarmament issue was peacefully resolved in December 2003 when Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi agreed to eliminate his country’s weapons of mass destruction program, including a decades-old nuclear weapons program. This, however, is a terrible example to cite, considering the ultimate outcome of the country. Before Obama Administration-backed “rebels” assassinated Gaddafi, in 2011, Libya was the richest country in Africa. Libya now exists as a very divided nation, torn apart by war. According to Gaddafi’s former Foreign Minister, Abdel Rahman Shalgham, the event which ultimately caused Gaddafi to give up his WMDs and nuclear weapons program was a reported 2001 message from U.S. President George W. Bush which told Gaddafi that “either you get rid of your weapons of mass destruction or [the United States] will personally destroy them and destroy everything with no discussion.” Trump guaranteed that North Korea won’t end up like Libya, unless they refuse to deal.

          John Bolton has been shown to have bad judgement time and time again, on a variety of issues. Not only does Bolton have poor judgement, he also has a very mean-hearted spirit. His grasp on world issues isn’t quite as robust as he would like to think as well. Liberty-Republican Sen. Rand Paul of KY., who has been a great ally to the president, was vehemently against the idea of John Bolton being anywhere near the White House from the very beginning. Paul explained that John Bolton didn’t share the same ideals as Trump, so he shouldn’t be the security adviser to the president. Trump has repeatedly said that he was against the war in Iraq, yet Bolton was not. Trump also thinks it was a mistake for us to go to Afghanistan, Bolton doesn’t. Looks like Bolton should quit speaking out of turn, or get out!