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          Breaking news report of a FBI plant in the 2016 Trump campaign has now come to light from the recent New York Times story. Trump has announced that he will officially be asking the Department of Justice to look into reports that indicate the Obama administration planted a mole in the 2016 Trump campaign.

          The New York Times story was a report about the origins of the Russia probe, codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane.” This new revelation about a FBI plant was buried deep beneath the rest of the article, 40 paragraphs down. Considering these circumstances, it’s safe to assume that the NY Times didn’t actually expect for most people to notice, but added it in so that the mainstream media would later claim the revelation was old news and nothing significant. At least one government agent met several times with Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. Trump said on twitter that this scandal could be “bigger than watergate.”

          There was absolutely no valid basis to open an investigation on the Trump campaign itself. The flimsy excuse given to the FISA court came from the Clinton-funded, now-debunked Christopher Steele dossier. The FBI got around this fact by using the excuse of counterintelligence in order to spy on a political campaign. With many former FBI officials now admitting there was broad surveillance on the Trump campaign, this is probably the biggest political scandal in history. Reports now show that at least four different members of the Trump campaign have been extensively surveilled. This included everything from wiretaps to direct FBI plants. Trump was ridiculed when he said the Trump tower was being wiretapped during the campaign, yet he is once again vindicated.

          Not only did the FBI plant a mole within the Trump campaign, they used a phony, fabricated dossier as the basis to do so. An absolute abuse of power. There are also reports that suspected informant Stefan Halper, who hasn’t been officially named yet, had “suggested” a lot of things to members in the Trump campaign. Suggestions that would potentially lead to entrapment. This informant was most likely an FBI agent provocateur, who was setting up perjury traps. It’s shocking that there would be a mole implanted with such flimsy evidence. What’s even more alarming, is that the FBI withheld information about a mole to the FISA court. There has never been more clear evidence that the deep state is in fact a reality. There is a cabal of intelligence agents who have been plotting against Donald Trump. This is an

          The FBI is only supposed to use surveillance when there’s undeniable evidence of a crime – there was none in this case. Congress is trying to gather information about the circumstances of the investigation, yet the FBI and DOJ have stonewalled congress over-and-over again. They claim that they can’t turn it over due to national security purposes.
They are telling The NY Times and Washington post, yet won’t hand documents over to congress. Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone told Alex Jones of Infowars that Trump was “taking his gloves off.” Looks like things are about to get real.