By Asish Samson

In a bizarre admission James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence has stated in an interview that the FBI spying on Trump was a “Good thing for the country”. He made this very strange statement during an interview with Don Lemon about the Russian collusion narrative on CNN.  It has recently been revealed that the FBI placed an “Inside man” in the Trump campaign to spy and leak information.


These revelations were part of the Russian collusion narrative that is so passionately pursued by the Democrats and the mainstream media. But, instead of revealing any evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia, it opened up and exposed a string of multiple crimes committed by the Democratic Party, Clinton Campaign and the Obama Administration. It was recently exposed that the Clinton campaign paid the Fusion GPS to set up Trump’s eldest son to meet with a banned Russian citizen so as to malign Trump and his campaign. The Clintons used their influence to allow the banned citizen to enter the USA just so that they could set up Trump Jr. It was also later revealed that the Clinton campaign also paid for the Steele dossier which was a fake dossier used as a basis to spy on Trump. The Obama Administration then used its power of office to direct multiple intelligence agencies to spy on Trump during the election campaign. All this just to make Hillary Clinton win the election.


As more and more violations by the Democratic party and the Obama administration along with some members of the intelligence community were exposed all of them doubled down on the “racist, sexist, homophobe” rhetoric and tried to divert attention away by attacking the 2nd amendment, tax cuts, travel ban etc. James Clapper was one of official used by the Obama administration to spy on Trump and now they seem to justifying the crimes they committed by claiming they did it for their country while actually they were the ones trying to subvert their country’s democracy by trying to wrongfully influence the election in favour of their political leanings.


The list starts from Obama and Hillary Clinton to people like James Clapper, James Comey, John Kerry and Christopher Steele. All the violations committed by these people are played down or ignored by the mainstream media while giving chunks of time to people like Stormy Daniels and David Hogg.