By Asish Samson

Note: Major Spoilers Ahead

Deadpool 2, the recently released Marvel superhero film is apparently a sexist and misogynistic film according to  Aja Romano a writer for Vox, the  ultra liberal news site.x Romano claims that the film is sexist because the main female character and the love interest of the protagonist dies in the film. She claims that these trope is sexist because the film makers used the death of a woman to move the plot forward.


According to her male fans have “the privilege of encountering and experiencing sexist narratives” differently. She claimed that the film makers treated the female character as “disposable” and called the plot point  a “most toxic trope”. She claims that Women and Genderqueer(Mentally disordered ) would be offended by this “sexist storytelling”. She also claimed that blockbuster films like The Fugitive, The Count of Monte Cristo, Seven and some James Bond  films also followed this “misogynistic storytelling”. She states that the writers of the film should have realised the “inherent sexism” while writing. Then she states that “White Men are accustomed to seeing themselves reflected in the hero in every movie” and such kind lf tropes in films would “perpetuate toxic attitude towards women”. And she doesn’t stop there. She claims that by encountering “this kind of deeply misogynistic violence” women are silenced and worn down. She also posits a solution for the problem: Diversity.


Deadpool 2 is the R rated sequel of the Marvel film Deadpool(also rated R). While some people like these are offended by this film, Deadpool 2 had a huge 125$ million opening last Friday and is well on its way to a highly successful run. What people like Aja Ramon need to understand is that people go to movies to be entertained. Not to taught about social justice. She also misses the point that Vanessa, the female character who dies is also the person most dear to the protagonist and therefore would only serve to highlight her importance in the script. Instead Ramon cherry picks a single plot point and uses it to bash “white men”, privilege and film makers in general.


To sum it up, Aja Ramon was looking for something to be offended about in Deadpool 2 an R-rated film so she could virtue signal to the world by fighting “misogyny and sexism” by watching and critiquing Marvel films.