By Asish Samson


Tomi Lahren, conservative pundit and Fox news commentator was attacked and harassed by a group of liberals in a restaurant in Minneapolis on Sunday. The incident occurred when Tomi Lahren was leaving the UNION restaurant along with her mother in downtown Minneapolis. The recorded footage of the incident shows an unidentified woman throwing a drink on Tomi Lahren while her friends abuse her verbally. A member of the group appears to have recorded this in Snapchat along with the caption “Lol” and an emoji signifying laughing.



A caption at the bottom of the screen reads “Throws a drink on Tomi Lahren hahaha”. Another video shows Tomi Lahren confronting the woman and the group she is with. She is seen heatedly arguing with the woman. Lahren’s mother Trudy is also seen having a verbal confrontation with the group that abused her daughter. While this was happening another man approached the scene and started cursing and verbally abusing them. He yelled “F*** that B***h!, F*** that H**!, Racist a** b***h!” as Lahren  was arguing. He also yelled “Why you even out here?” towards her. Lahren and her mother had to escorted by a bouncer out of the restaurant for their safety.  She addressed the matter on her Twitter account and thanked people for the support even from those who disliked her. Kathy Griffin, a liberal comedian also tweeted her support.


These kind of attacks on conservatives and Trump supporters by the “tolerant left” have been on constant rise since the start of Trump’s campaign. They have been fuelled by a constant barrage of negative coverage by the mainstream media and hatred fanned by the liberals. While media blows up even a small incident against liberals, such attacks against Trump are largely ignored. The so called “Tolerant liberals” are only tolerant if one agrees with their views. As soon as someone disagrees with them they get down to abusing and name calling. Even minorities are not exempt from this treatment.