By Nikos Tsinakis

The latest installment in EA’s popular video game series: Battlefield was officially revealed earlier this week in the form of a two-minute long youtube video. The trailer has since garnered a massive uproar from fans of the franchise for being wildly historically inaccurate, pandering to political correctness and SJWs. The opening scene of ‘Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer’ shows a handicapped female allied soldier charging into a house entrenched with Germans, not surprising that anyone who’s been educated in this period of history would feel disgusted by this absurd depiction of front-line combat during the Second World War. Furthermore, the indicates this game will be a stark contrast to its predecessors, a series that used to be defined by its tactical gameplay, realism and historical accuracy to the time periods each game was set in.

what’s with the Braveheart face paints?

In addition to the blatant feminist propaganda, one can clearly see from the bright colors and excessive visual customization also drew massive irk among longtime fans of the franchise. Giving criticism to how “arcadey” the game looks, making it seem like the game was intended to target a younger audience and women, two groups that have never been of any significant numbers among the existing player base of the game. We know this because a recent poll conducted by the Battlefield subreddit shows more than 70% of the player base are men aged between 18-34.

So why is it, that EA – once rated the worst company in the US is trying so desperately to pander towards an almost nonexistent female audience? Looks like they haven’t managed to put a stop to their tendencies of well-established video game franchises.

At the time of this article being written, the trailer video managed to gain an impressive amount of dislikes – more than 230,000, resulting in a like-to-dislike ratio (50%)  that matches the most disliked youtube video ever; Baby by Justin Bieber.

Here are some of our favorite comments left on the video from angry (rightfully so) fans:

EA keeps deleting, i keep posting.
handicapped Transgender females DID NOT FIGHT IN WW2.”

“WWII has been V A G I N A W A S H E D”


nothing to see here, just a female ww2 soldier with a modern prosthetic arm…


Cultural Marxism seeping into entertainment

Feminism and social justice ideas are running amok in the 100 billion dollar video game industry, ranging from historical revisionism by shoe-horning women into roles they never existed in, as seen in the latest World War 2 setting Call of Duty and Battlefield games but also policing over how fictional female characters should be portrayed (e.g. they shouldn’t have unrealistic body shapes that “real women” don’t have). Ideas that feminists advocate in real life are also being enforced in video games today as the game publishers seem to bend over to the social justice warriors, a keynote in how all this is connected usually goes; Game company talks about “inclusiveness and diversity” in their video games to cater towards players from all walks of life and gender/sexual orientations, then proceeds to hire a team of social justice sympathizing executives that place their agenda above the amount of entertainment the final product would provide.