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          Contrary to what the haters have said  “Peace through strength,” a popular term coined by Ronald Reagan, actually does work. Almost immediately after President Trump made a decision to cancel a highly anticipated summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un due to hostility shown by North Korea, an official from the regime announced they remain optimistic in regards to talks with the United states. Kim Jong un and South Korean president Moon Jae-In also had a surprise overnight meeting, where they embraced each other and discussed strategies on making the meeting between Kim and Trump successful.

          President Trump had sent out a very eloquently written letter to the dictator of North Korea, in which Trump described the decision to end negotiations over the June 12th meeting in Singapore as a “truly sad moment in history.”  However, the letter remained upbeat, with a positive outlook, that also took the opportunity to thank Kim Jung Un for his kind return of U.S. prisoners, who are now safe at home with their families. Trump’s reasoning for pulling out of the deal was due to the open hostility that was put on display from North Korea.

Trump letter to Korea

          Even before North Korea announced their requests to once again have a Trump-Kim summit, the White House gift shop website crashed due to the large amount of people attempting to buy the commemorative U.S.-North Korea coins. The coin commemorates the now-canceled summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. It should also be noted that the White house gift coin will be different from the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) coin, which will have a limited amount of 250 coins in existence. The WHCA version features Trump and Kim Jong Un, whereas the gift shop version will also feature a third silhouette of South Korean president Moon Jae-in

          Many hateful Democrats continue to expose their ignorance on strategies from the Art of the Deal. As soon as they found out Trump had cancelled the summit, although it was for valid reasons, they took the opportunity to attack him. Now it seems as though they spoke too soon. Many in the left continue to be criticized by Grassroots movements in the country, as all of their theories and analyzes continue to be proven untrue time and time again. House Intelligence ranking member Adam Schiff of California blamed the summit’s cancellation on “a poor negotiating strategy in which the president made it all too clear to North Korea that he needed the summit more than the North Korean dictator,” then goes on to say  “this put the United States in a weak bargaining position.” Known-liar Adam Schiff continues to lose credibility, along with many other officials linked to the democratic party and to the Trump-Russia investigation.

          President Trump is once again vindicated. Looks like the world is well on it’s way towards a more peaceful existence. This is truly a great time to be alive.