By Asish Samson


Morgan Freeman, the veteran Hollywood actor has exposed CNN’s journalistic malpractices and demanded an apology from them for wrongfully accusing him of sexual misconduct and harassment.  Prominent Hollywood lawyer Robert Schwartz sent a ten page letter to CNN’s Jeff Zucker which contained the demands on Freeman’s behalf.


Freeman has recently been accused of making unwanted and sexist comments towards women including CNN’s Chloe Melas along with two other women. The letter sent by Schwartz questions these reports and points out the flaws in them. The letter says that Chloe Melas who claimed that Freeman made unwanted comments towards her during an Going in Style interview conducted by her had “no basis whatsoever to conclude that the comments were directed at her”. The letter also claims that an independent third party Warner Bros HRD also examined the video tapes and concluded that her accusations had no basis in facts. The second victim Tyra Martin has gone on public record twice since the article was published to claim CNN had misrepresented what she had told them and that Freeman never harassed her. The third victim Lori McCreary had also told CNN that Freeman never harassed her. To this CNN attacked McCreary with other accusations which again were found to untruthful when investigated by a third party.


The letter claims that Melas goaded, prodded and baited the victims to make these accusations on Freeman. Freeman’s reputation and career took serious injury due to these accusations, the letter claimed and therefore CNN must at the least issue a retraction and offer an apology through the same channels and with the same intensity it used to accuse Freeman on May 24. It also demanded that CNN should retract the story against McCreary and apologise to her for the damage.


These accusations are a long line of “mistakes” made by the CNN in the recent years which exposes their penchant for twisting facts and creating new ones to fit their narrative and attack those that disagree with them. There is a reason why President Trump nicknamed them “Very fake news”.