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          Supporters of Tommy Robinson feel emboldened as Lord Malcolm Pearson, Baron Pearson of Rannoch offers to pay all of Tommy Robinson’s legal fees. This comes after a total media blackout in the U.K. of Robinson’s arrest. Robinson was arrested outside a courthouse,  where he was reporting on a gang grooming trial. The judge was effectively able to cut the lights on all media coverage. Supporters of free speech around the world are now coming together.

          According to Lord Pearson  has agreed to pay the legal fees of Tommy Robinson for the remainder of his current legal tenure. Lord Pearson has already shown his support for Tommy Robinson before. Even as early as 2015, when Lord Pearson actually invited EDL founder Tommy Robinson to Parliament. However, Lord Pearson’s decision to meet with Mr Robinson in Parliament prompted criticism from within UKIP. The party’s former deputy chair Suzanne Evans told Sky News “it wasn’t a sensible thing to do”. She continued: “There are many of us who are concerned about the extremes of Islam but there’s no need to talk to Tommy Robinson to get your information.”. Lord Pearson didn’t back down though, and obviously still supports Robinson to this very day.

          The United Kingdom Independence Party has lot of striking similarities to the conservative movement within the U.S., although UKIP was founded on the single issue of leaving the leaving the European Union. Like many libertarians and Republicans from America, the UKIP wants to also decentralize. Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage even oncecompared himselfwith liberty-Republican Rand Paul, and said that Paul was his soul mate from from the Tea Party. Nigel Farage is also a staunch supporter of Tommy Robinson, and free speech in general. He has a big hand in trying to fought off globalism in the U.K. and worldwide.

          Protests continue to plague the street of London as more and more people are now waking up to what’s going on. Tommy Robinson is now seen by many as a martyr. If Tommy is actually obligated to serve the rest of his 13 month sentence, I suspect that a significantly larger amount of protesters will begin to flood the streets in direct opposition to this injustice.

          We will continue to cover this Tommy Robinson controversy as it develops. Spreading the word to ensure justice is served and free speech is protected is imperative.