By Asish Samson


Kevin Sharkey, the Irish presidential candidate and acclaimed artist has come out in support of Tommy Robinson, the activist and vlogger who was arrested for reporting on grooming gangs. Sharkey posted a video on his official campaign page backing Tommy and calling for his release. He has said Tommy cared deeply for Britain and is a patriot.


In the video on his Facebook campaign page Sharkey strongly supported Tommy Robinson calling him “A man who has serious concerns about his country. He is highlighting something that the mainstream media should have been highlighting and he stepped up to the plate.” He opined that Tommy Robinson was speaking on behalf of ordinary people. “When people tell you Tommy Robinson is not a racist, they’re lying. He is a patriot.” He also spoke in support of Free speech and admonished political correctness. “The whole things has gone to a situation in which you cannot criticise the powers that be, this is a very dangerous thing. It’s close to Nazi Germany” he warned. He also warned about the deteriorating situation in Britain and said that it was one step away from Ireland.


Kevin Sharkey was a former TV presenter and one of Ireland’s most famous artists. He announced his candidacy for the Presidency in March of this year. He launched his political campaign in Fingal with slogans of “ Ireland First” and “ Make Ireland Fair again”. He is a free speech fundamentalist who advocates for a free and open conversation  which he believes is the key element of a functioning democracy and a key part of being Irish.


His campaign is mainly centred on Immigration and his criticism of mass immigration which is currently damaging the prospects of poorest citizens and compounded by the competition for Jobs and current housing crisis. He advocates for Common Sense Immigration laws inspired by Australia. He is also staunchly opposed to the European Union. He is opposed to the ever growing power of Brussels and believes that Irish politicians should put Ireland and Irish citizens first ahead of the EU. He is also a proponent of secularism and is strongly opposed to radicalism from both majority and minority religions in the country. He is also proponent for gay rights.


He has received overwhelmingly good reception so far from the Irish public. His interviews in the Claire Byrne show and with Ray D’Arcy among other were received very well from the public. He also has a good following on social media. He is a seen by the public as an independent, Anti- Globalist and Anti-Establishment candidate who actually cares about the Irish people. Let us hope he succeeds in achieving in liberating Ireland from the clutches of globalist agenda.