By Nikos Tsinakis

A humanitarian NGO ship carrying more than 630 refugees is being told by Italian authorities to reverse its course and “stay put” in the mediterranean sea.

The ship being asked to turn around is MV Aquarius, operated by Doctors without Borders, a French globalist humanitarian organization also known as MSF.  As of Monday the ship holding its position 27 nautical miles from Malta and 35 nautical miles from Italy, after the new Italian populist coalition government refused it docking rights on its territory. This is a show of force from the new Italian interior minister and the head of right-wing Northern  League party Matteo Salvini, delivering his promise made earlier last week during his trip to Sicily. As well as reaffirming the fact that Italy will no longer accept refugees ferried in by nongovernmental organizations with a shady track record of collaborating with human traffickers.

“From now also Italy begins to say NO to the traffic of human beings, NO to the business of illegal immigration,” said Salvini.

Italy proceeded to ask Malta, a fellow EU member state to host and disembark the refugees in their territory. Malta quickly rejected this proposal, potentially opening a diplomatic rift between the two EU nations, a friction force that Italy can afford since the new right wing government has expressed an openly anti-European Union stance.

According to the twitter page of “Doctors without Borders,”  the ship being asked to be turned around is carrying 123 unaccompanied minors and 7 pregnant women. The humanitarian group also attacked the Italian government on Sunday for “Placing politics above people’s lives.”  

“The priority must be the importance of the well being [and] safety of the people on board,” it said.

The UN refugee agency also chimed in on this matter, advocating for politicians to help solve this matter on an urgent basis; “States and actors involved should rapidly find solutions to allow migrants and refugees on board the [Aquarius] to disembark safely and quickly,” it said in a tweet. Further stressing in another tweet that the focus should be docking and disembarking the refugees while dealing with “wider issues” later, again completely ignoring the national sovereignty of Italy as a whole.

The globalist United Nations clearly supports the rapid population replacement scheme to inflict pain and suffering on white European. Why else would they advocate for the continuation of sub-Saharan African countries to flood Europe through Sicily, at mass rates that’s statistically impossible to be hosted, settled and integrated quickly? As a note of reference, there are currently 170,000 asylum seekers already in refugee centers all around Italy.