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          Devastating reports are now coming in that Robinson has been relocated to a high-security prison, with a larger Muslim population, somewhere in the “midlands”. Recent updates also explain how Robinson is in grave danger as he continues to experience death threats and harassment from Muslim inmates.

          In the beginning he was being held at a low security facility with a low Muslim population, now he has been moved to a prison with over 20% Muslim population. That’s pretty ridiculous, and an obvious attempt at revenge. Robertson has already been subjected to Muslim prisoners banging on cell walls and actually going so far as to actually say they were gonna kill him. They would tease him and constantly harass him for being outspoken on the dangers of Islam. Robinson is already being threatened at the new prison, according to his manager, Caolan Robertson. is now being held on the main wing of the jail amongst the general population which is “full of people who (don’t) like him,” says Robertson.

          Some are claiming that moving Robinson to a heavily Muslim-populated prison represents a death sentence. Robinson himself personally asked for the release of the information because he fears for his own safety. A fatwa was also reportedly issued against Tommy Robinson by an imam within 24 hours of him being transferred to the new prison. A fatwa is “a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority.” In other words, a bounty has been put in Robinson’s head.

          For comparison, look at what happened back in 2016. A man who was jailed for leaving bacon outside of a mosque in Bristol was later found dead in jail, halfway through his prison sentence. An investigation later claimed the man died of a drug overdose but some still have their doubts. “He’s a much higher target now,” Robertson told Infowars in reference to Robinson, also adding that this was the “most devastating news possible” because lawyers of Robinson had been confident in his early release.

          Former Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam also confirmed the news,, tweeting, “Tommy’s human rights are being violated as he was moved to a new UK prison last night, without warning or reason. He is now in a very heavily Muslim populated prison in the Midlands in England.” He also explained that the decision to move Robinson came directly from the UK Home Office.

          Tommy Robinson was arrested outside the Leeds Crown Court on  while covering the trial of ten Muslim men for crimes that include child rape, trafficking, and drug distribution. The supposed reasoning behind Robinson’s arrest was allegedly ‘breaching the peace’ outside the court during the ongoing gang grooming trial. Child grooming is the befriending and establishing of an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family, in order to to lower the child’s inhibitions with the objective of sexual abuse. Tommy Robinson was swiftly taken by police officers, and in just a few hours afterwards  was sentenced to 13 months in prison. According toThe Independent, Robinson was also already on a suspended sentence for contempt of court over a similar gang rape case that he also covered in 2017.

         Immediately after Robinson’s arrest, the U.K. government put a gag-order on all articles reporting on it. British publications were forced to delete their reports on the arrest. Even Breitbart’s London arm and RT were forced to scrub their coverage. This is a link to a thread that explains how the U.K. government was able to pull this off:Explanation thread