By Nikos Tsinakis

Italy’s Matteo Salvini is under attack by the mainstream media once again for his anti-mass migration/refugee stance. The defacto Prime Minister of this major EU country finds himself landing in trouble with media again after making a public comment that has always been consistently aligned with his campaign: “Europe must defend its borders against migrants arriving from Africa”  He made the comment in a context to exert pressure on the European Union, pointing out that Italy may reconsider its financial commitment to the EU if not more was done to help Italy deal with the current migrant crisis.

This man just can’t seem to catch a break. Being labeled as “far right” simply to continue delivering on his promise to the majority of Italian people that voted for him in the first place.

The face of optimism from the Italian Trump.

“The aim is to protect the external border, not to share the problem among European countries but to solve the problem at the source,” Salvini said. “If anyone in the EU thinks Italy should keep being a landing point and refugee camp, they have misunderstood.”


As a former radio show host, Salvini is no stranger to media sensationalism, has been under constant attack by the pro-EU mainstream media ever since the political coalition that his party is a part of came into power earlier this year, making him essentially the de-facto PM. Salvini wasted no time in using his public voice to attack the NGOs orchestrating the mass African migration into Europe, calling them out as  “Human traffickers and Do-gooders”
Making it as clear as ever that globalist human rights groups have no business in making Italy a landing group for unlimited amounts of African “migrants.”

This confronting move taken by Salvini gained approval from Luigi Di Maio, his major coalition partner from the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement, who agrees with the upcoming permanent change in the Italian policy towards people arriving by boats from the other side of the Mediterranean. Di Maio added:
“We save the migrants with our navy, with our coastguard, but the NGOs [should] go elsewhere,” Di Maio said.

In a stance that’s deemed hardline by leftists, Salvini suggested the country would take its own drastic measures should the EU continue to do nothing during this crisis situation. Emphasising the mass migration problem must be solved at its roots in Africa instead of multiple European countries bordering the Mediterranean sharing the same problem and the same stance of inaction.

The issue is expected to be discussed by Salvini, Di Maio and Giuseppe Conte, the Italian prime minister, at a meeting on Wednesday. Salvini, who is traveling to Libya in the coming days, said Italy was preparing a proposal that would strengthen the EU border and curtain migration but did not provide further details.

‘The air in Europe is changing and we are optimistic.’