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          Detached-from-reality Tom Arnold, who’s known only for being the husband Roseanne, has come out and claimed that he has tapes of Donald Trump that hasn’t been heard by the public. I suppose everyone’s supposed to all of the sudden believe a self-proclaimed crazy guy, right? He literally tells everyone he’s crazy. He also had a total meltdown on CNN.

          When appearing on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” to explain his allegations, Arnold was questioned by CNN’s Poppy Harlow about his upcoming show for Viceland about President Donald Trump, which focuses on tapes that Arnold supposedly has. “Do you have any tapes of the President that the public is not already aware of?” Harlow inquired. Arnold replied simply: “Yes.”…”If you see, for instance, one full day on the boardroom set of ‘The Apprentice,’ one full day, and you see how incompetent he was,” Arnold said.

          Arnold has been a longtime “comedy” actor and also the longtime ex-husband of comedian Roseanne Barr, who is also in trouble herself after making controversial comments twitter. Arnold is also a former contestant on Trump’s show “Celebrity Apprentice.” When asked by Harlow if the tapes he were referring to was unaired footage from Trump’s NBC reality show “The Apprentice,” Arnold said, “We have a lot of things.” Which seemed kind of like a cop out answer.

          Arnold is also the “lead investigator” for a show on Viceland. “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes” where the actor, who has been a consistent critic of Trump, will be filmed trying to track down damaging tapes that are rumored to exist that involve the President. This week, according to Arnold’s tweets, he met with Anthony Scaramucci, the hedge fund operator who briefly served as White House spokesman, and a Huffington Post journalist. Last month Arnold tweeted a photo of himself with Felix Sater, a Russian-American who partnered with Trump on real estate ventures.

          On Thursday, Arnold posted on Twitter a photo of himself next to Michael Cohen, who also happens to be the President’s longtime personal attorney, with the caption: “I love New York.” Cohen, who is under criminal investigation for his financial dealings, retweeted it without context or comment.

          The Arnold photo and retweet set off a round of speculation about what it means for Cohen to be so close to Arnold. Cohen has also, over the past week, appeared to send signals that he is breaking his allegiance to Trump. He even criticized the administration’s immigration policy and some are claiming that Cohen is considering cooperating with federal investigators with potential info about Trump. The source is from Fake News CNN, however. So, take it with a grain of salt.

          Cohen has worked for more than a decade with the Trump Organization and reportedly prepared payments to porn star Stormy Daniels to silence allegations of an alleged affair with Trump weeks before the election.

          During the highly awkward and cringe-worthy back-and-forth between Harlow and Arnold on Friday evening, Arnold at one point looked into the camera and seemingly addressed Trump directly. “I’m spending the weekend hanging out with Michael Cohen, and there’s a lot going on,” Arnold said. “So, … you’ve disrespected him and his family and there’s a lot going on.”

          However, shortly after Arnold’s interview, Cohen immediately took to twitter and denied any plans to spend the weekend with him or that they discussed Trump.