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          Donald J. Trump is the greatest threat to the establishment this country has ever seen. Trump is shrinking government and giving the power back to you, the people.

          They called him a racist, sexist xenophobe. They said he was a liar. They said he raped women. They compared him to Hitler. They tarnished his reputation. They did everything they could to stop the movement, but nothing worked. Now they are trying to actually block him from the ballot.

          The latest plan from the so-called “resistance” against President Donald Trump’s 2020 election campaign includes attempts in at least 25 states to push through laws that requires presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to appear on the ballot, Axios reported.

          They are going after Trump for not releasing his tax return, which should be his right. President Trump is, however, the only modern-day president to refuse to release his personal tax returns, so it would seem that any law passed to keep him off the ballot would be a direct attack. The big problem with that plan is that no state has been able to officially pass a law requiring it.

          Even heavily democratic states like California and New Jersey have vetoed the laws after it had passed both state chambers, but Rhode Island and Maryland are currently working such a law in their state Houses after passing it in their Senate chambers.

          Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey, had called the attempt in his state a “transparent political stunt” in vetoing the law, and Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown of California even said it “sets a ‘slippery slope’ precedent for what individuals states could require of candidates,”.

          Laws such as these would undoubtedly get challenged in the Supreme Court due to them being unconstitutional. The top U.S. court has, in the past, declared that states nor the federal government can create new requirements for House or Senate candidates. That law would most likely cover the head of the executive branch as well.

          Yet, it doesn’t even matter what they do to try and stop Trump. This is how it was meant to be. Just like it was meant to be that Obama couldn’t appoint another liberal Judge. No weapon formed against the President shall prosper. The democrats are losing all power in this timeline. Our timeline is that of Human awakening