The persecution of white farmers has been an ongoing issue in South Africa for years, very little coverage of it has been done by the mainstream, as it doesn’t suit their agenda to show that white people can also be victims of ethnic hatred. Unfortunately, like many have already predicted, things are taking a turn for the worse.

Radical new actions sanctioned by the South African government is targeting white farmers, indicating to “confiscate” their land by force.

The South African economy and the nation’s food production could collapse if the government seizes land from white farmers and redistributes it to black citizens, a local race relations organization has revealed.

The move is approved by the African National Congress (ANC), the party that’s been ruling the country since the end of apartheid, under which amounted to ethnic tensions between black and white south Africans increased rapidly. The inception of this new policy started earlier this year, and is aimed at redistribution of wealth and “radical economic transformation.” The government is reportedly planning to put an end to what they call the legacy of apartheid, where nearly 95 percent of the South African wealth was kept in the hands of 10 percent of its white population.

The apartheid regime had many drawbacks and may even be perceived as pure evil by some. However, if history has told us anything, it’s clear as day that radical socialist programmes aimed to achieve “equality” in a short span of time always end up in failure. It’s usually the individuals who proposed such policies in the first place that become the greatest benefactors of it. In this case, the impending doom may not be irreversible just yet, as local experts and organizations are starting to generate attention to alert the international community. Any further actions directed at the white farmer community from the government could result in a full-blown ethnic conflict or civil war, as the official stance of the ANC harbors and even encourages criminal elements to attack, murder, mutilate whites in the country.

Racial hate-attacks against white farmers have been on the increase, some are gearing up to defend themselves in the upcoming race war:

Some analysts insist the ANC plan to redistribute land will jeopardize commercial farming in the region, with South Africa at risk of repeating the mistake made by another African country at the turn of the millennium. Zimbabwe’s food production dropped after the country’s government authorized the purge of white farmers in 1999-2000.

The Institute of Race Relations has urged the international community to step in, as the South African government denies that the land expropriation, and the violence the bill allegedly sparked, are a problem.