Written by: Jack Bibiano  –  Twitter: @LibertyDragon1  – Facebook: Juan Bibiano

          Now that both Youtube and Facebook have announced their plans to enter the real of newscasting, this spells big trouble for independent content creators. It appears that the deep state is readying itself for the midterms, wherein they plan to spread as much liberal propaganda as humanly(or monsterously)possible in order to brainwash the masses. They will stop at nothing to save the establishment.

          Facebook is giving 90 million dollars to mainstream media networks in order to create original content that is streamed exclusively on Facebook. It all begins on Monday, July 16th.

          Programming from CNN, Fox News Channel, Univision, ABC News and others will be featured in a dedicated news section in Facebook Watch, its recently launched video platform for episodic programming. The Watch news section will feature news videos from national and local news organizations. Users will see a personalized feed based on the publishers they follow, as well as what their friends are watching.

          The first lineup of news publishers includes ABC News, Advance Local, ATTN:, CNN, Fox News, Mic, Quartz, and Univision. Over the course of the next few months, Facebook will bring out additional news shows from ABC-owned stations, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed News, McClatchy, Group Nine Media’s NowThis and Tegna.

          Representatives from Facebook claim that this effort is to support “reliable: journalism from established newsgroups for its role in spreading “fake news” including an effort by Russian of political equilibrium yet they are included Fake News CNN! The one Fox anchor they chose to use just so happens to be a yugee Trump-hater.

          The shows include Univision’s “Noticiero Univision Edición Digital,” an interactive Spanish-language news broadcast, Fox News “Fox News Update,” hosted by chief news anchor never-Trumper Shepard Smith, CNN’s “Anderson Cooper Full Circle” news and interview show,“Mic Dispatch,” a newsmagazine program on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

          Cooper’s first show for Facebook Watch on July 16 is scheduled to live-stream from Helsinki for the U.S.-Russia summit. “Anderson Cooper Full Circle” will broadcast from wherever the CNN anchor is hosting “AC360,” and will include live polls that allow viewers to vote on the stories they care about most. Cooper also will respond to questions posted in the Facebook. I’m sure we will be hearing a lot of Trump-Russia propaganda on this front.

          Youtube is also following suit. This is a potentially huge blow to the conservative movement, seeing as YouTube has been sacred relic of truth-seekers from the very beginning. There is very little conservative voice in the mainstream media. Youtube has made this decision in light of being accused of “allowing conspiracies to go viral.” The problem is a lot of these “conspiracy theories” actually turn out to be true. YouTube has been the saving grace for fighting the mainstream propaganda machine.

          The monstrously influential platform has actually pledged $25 million in funding in order to change how it works, making  “authoritative sources readily accessible.” In addition, it will create new features in the U.S. to boost the distribution of local news. With roughly 1.8 billion monthly active users, this is a huge blow to independent media. Fox News is a member of YouTube’s “News” channel, yet I’m sure they will pull a Facebook and pick a neverTrumper like Shepard.

          “We believe quality journalism requires sustainable revenue streams and that we have a responsibility to support innovation in products and funding for news,” the company’s chief product officer and chief business officer, Neal Mohan and Robert Kyncl respectively, said in a statement.

          The statement continued: “Today, we’re announcing steps we’re taking with the Google News Initiative to support the future of news in online video, and product features we’ve been working on to improve the news experience on YouTube.”

          It’s up to the patriots of America to find a solution. Should we fight facebook, exodus to freer social media platforms, or wait and see what happens?